• 24 More Fanfics to Read for Dragon Day!

    That's a book I have a feeling a lot of pony fans would be reading if they ever ended up in cartoon horse land. I wonder what kind of advice it would have?


    We only had a few dragon episodes, so it was really up to the fandom to take the concept and run with it! Today we bring you another pile of stories dedicated to Equestrias slightly aggressive scaly inhabitants. These are different than last year's fics. For more involving dragons, hit up last year's compilation! Thanks to Whisper Key for the fanfiction scouting!

    Now go get dragon fics below.


    Slice of Life




    The Lazy Dragon of Dragonvale by Georg


    Once upon a time there was a very lazy dragon who did not want to find a town to pillage.

    So he decided to make one of his own.


    Dog Years by AugieDog


    Fifteen is ancient for a dog, and Spike's starting to feel it: sounds and scents getting a little muffled, a little soreness in his hips, a gnawing little pain in his stomach that he hasn't told Twilight about even though it's been getting steadily worse the past few months.

    In Equestria, though, according to Twilight, a fifteen-year-old dragon is still considered a child. And as she's been pointing out for the past five or six years, the portal to Equestria is right across town...


    Not Alone in the Crowd  by Doccular42


    Usually, we feel alone when we're by ourselves. But sometimes, the loneliest place is in the middle of a crowd. Spike has to get away, and he needs somepony to talk with him so that he can get through the evening.


    Drag in the Water by Casketbase77


    Turns out the School of Friendship has a swim team leader board. Turns out Smolder is a pretty good swimmer. She wants to be the best though, for a reason more complicated than simple pride.









    Pony Peace is Dragon War (Diplomatic Dragon Noises Included) by HapHazred


    Ember is not a diplomat by choice. It sort of just comes along with being dragonlord, because who else are you going to send, Garble?

    Ember doesn't do diplomacy, though. She does anger. And fire. Sometimes a bit of shouting. That doesn't go over well with ponies, though.

    Luckily, Thorax is on hand to help out.

    In, and out. Get the ponies to agree what she wants, and leave. That's all this has to be. So why is there so much paperwork?!

    And why does she feel so angry?!


    Better to Give by GaPJaxie


    Smolder didn't used to like Hearthswarming. Until she realized she could win.


    Smolder Schools Her Friends in the Art of the Bitch Slap by Pascoite


    When Smolder mentions the word “slap,” her friends only meet her with blank stares. How can this school not teach the important things in life?


    Piece of Cake by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    Ember finds herself face-to-face with yet another pony-related hurdle: holiday baking. Fortunately, she knows a certain pink pony who might be able to help. The fact that Ember has never been in a kitchen or cooked before in her life won't be a problem... right?









    They Call Me Flightless Fury by ArgonMatrix


    What is it like to fly? Delve into the mind of a monster and find out.


    Wyrmlysan by Chris


    Prophecy is a dangerous game; meanings which are obvious can become obscure in an instant, and fates are laid bare only in hindsight.

    After the fall of Discord but before the rise of Nightmare Moon, a dragon breaks the peace between its race and ponykind, and Princess Luna flies to mete out justice.


    Ruled by Sin by Pearple Prose


    Dragons did not want. They did not fight. They did not feel greed.

    There was one who wanted. There was one who fought. There was one who felt the Greed.

    His name was Sin the Black. He wanted more, and he nearly destroyed it all.









    Simple Dreams by BlazzingInferno


    Just being a friend is simple and safe, according Spike. He’s not cut out to be anything more than that: he isn’t the dashing hero that an amazing pony like Rarity expects and deserves. When a random act seemingly breaks their friendship, and when he’s given a chance to relive that moment in hopes of finding a way to fix it, he’ll discover just how complicated, and also how simple, his and Rarity’s relationship is.









    More Precious Than Silver or Gold by Georg


    The worth of a dragon is measured by their hoard, so what happens when a dragon finds something so valuable as to make all other hoards small by comparison, but so precious they cannot keep it for their own?

    A young dragon discovers the answer when she finds the priceless treasure kept by the Sisters of Song.

    A tiny alicorn, named Cadenza.


    The Enemy Within by Jake The Army Guy


    What was supposed to be a day of laughter and joy for Spike ended in screams and terror.

    After receiving a tear-stained scroll from Twilight, Princess Luna and a Royal Guard relief force race towards Ponyville. While the Guard sets to rendering aid to the shaken town, Luna heads for the Golden Oak Public Library to render aid to the one she knows all too well needs it the most.


    Her Scarf Fluttered in the Absence of Wind  by ArgonMatrix


    A dragon has lived alone for centuries in a cave far beneath the earth. When a pony trespasses on his domain through no fault of her own, what will become of her?


    The Dragon's Riddle by horizon


    Long, long ago, the Age of Dragons ended in fire and ruin. The greatest of the dragons challenged the races of Equestria to prove themselves worthy to rule the next age.

    The fast, the strong, and the clever all journeyed to answer his call … but sometimes true wisdom is found in the most unlikely of places.


    Foster(ing) Family by Trick Question


    When Princess Twilight Sparkle and early-teen Spike move back to Canterlot, she suggests he consider living with her parents again. His foster family is enthusiastic, but the visit to his old home rekindles long-buried emotions in the little dragon.

    Ever since he was a hatchling, an important question has burned within his belly. Now he's finally brave enough to ask.


    Prognostication Gap by FanOfMostEverything


    It was fairly simple as far as assignments for the Lord Ambassador of Equestria went. Just a border dispute over a patch of land nocreature really wanted. But then came the summons back to Canterlot, so urgent that it only had four words:


    Twilight needs you









    The Song of Syhlex by The Descendant


    When they began to read the ancient book Twilight and Spike only had the slightest of ideas what it could possibly be about. As the illuminated inks revealed to them an image of Princess Celestia locked in combat with a massive dragon and his sons they realized that the song written upon the aged pages was telling of a long forgotten battle...

    ... and that the Celestia they know and love is capable of things they dare not imagine.


    The Ambassador's Son by Midnightshadow


    A noble earth-pony family, fallen somewhat on hard times, is killed in a mining accident. They leave behind a single male heir, who is in sore need of a guardian, and of protection. Celestia takes the young pony under her wing and delivers him not to ponies - not earth, unicorn or pegasus - but to a dragon, an ambassador, an old friend of hers.

    Playing a game which may just be deadly to the uninformed, the dragon decides that the one path open to him to ensure the safety of his charge and to carry out his sworn duty, is to adopt.


    The Sisters and the Dragon by cleverpun


    Late one night, a young Spike asks Celestia why he is the only dragon in Equestria. Celestia tells him a very old story: the time two sisters challenged Tiamat—the Matriarch of Dragons—to a contest of knowledge.


    Of Dragons and Horses, Songs and Solace by 8686


    "To him, I was a way to reconcile his duty with his conscience. To me... he was someone to talk to at a time when I had no-one." -- Princess Celestia

    Lord Ragnarok, newly crowned King of the dragons, stands upon a hill overlooking the country of Equestria, an army at his command. Princess Celestia is urgently roused from sleep with a dire warning of impending attack. Thus begins a chain of events that would bring together two of the most powerful rulers of the age, and forge the unlikeliest of bonds. One that would bring salvation to one, and solace to the other.

    "I won't call him an enemy, and he won't call me a friend. Make of that what you will."


    Stage of Discovery by Miller Minus


    Deep below the Frozen North there exists a sleeping dragon born of ice and moulded by harsh winters. She put herself there by her own accord, determined to forsake contact with the outside world. But when an intrepid young pegasus discovers her and tries to break out of her shell, she is forced to settle for a conversation. One thing is for sure, she isn't about to lose to a pony in a game of words.

    Join the cynical old dragon and the foolish young pegasus as they attempt to solve their intrinsic mystery.


    A Fallen Star by AugieDog


    Thirty years ago, after laying her and Torch's first and only egg, Ember's mother Glazier gathered up her entire hoard and flew off, vanishing without a trace. Torch has constantly refused to talk about the whole affair, and Ember's been torn ever since becoming Dragon Lord: should she use the Bloodstone Scepter to force some answers out of him?

    But then she learns where a piece of her mother's hoard might be hidden, and investigating it points her toward zebra shamans on the other side of the world.

    Except...didn't Spike mention a zebra shaman when he was telling his whole story about going through the molt? And Ponyville's a lot closer than Zebrabwe...