• Galaxyland Theme Park In Edmonton, Canada, Celebrates Its Hasbro Rebranding Tomorrow

    Tomorrow, December 17, is the "grand opening" event day for Galaxyland, "the world's largest indoor amusement park", which has been rebranded to feature Hasbro properties. Among its attractions are Rainbow Bounce, a Rainbow Dash-themed drop tower, and Flight to Equestria, a ferris wheel with cabins styled like hot air balloons. The theme park is located inside West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.

    The "grand opening" will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a character mascot parade, featuring Mr. Potato Head, the Monopoly man, some of the MLP ponies, and other characters. The mall has also mentioned that as part of the event, visitors will be able to meet the various characters around the park and take pictures with them.

    You might be wondering why the phrase "grand opening" has to be in quotation marks. Previously, Galaxyland was already an operating theme park and was space-themed from 1995 to 2020, but it was announced in December 2019 that the entire park would be rebranded to become Hasbro-themed. This has been a gradual process; some of the rebranded rides, including the My Little Pony-themed ones, were previously unveiled in June 2021. The theme park has remained continuously open through the rebranding, except for when it was closed due to the pandemic.

    According to the mall's website, the "grand opening" celebrations will last for a week.