• Cort Lane (G5 Executive Producer) And Jenna Warren (Sunny Starscout) Live on BlogTalkRadio Tomorrow

    Cort Lane, The executive producer for Make Your Mark, will be joining Sunny's VA Jenna Warren tomorrow for a live show on the blogtalkradio show "Tomorrow Will Be Televised"! You can call in and ask them questions throughout the event, happening at 3:25 PM PST. The show will be hosting a variety of other kids TV series stars as well, which you may recognize from the description:

    Tomorrow Will Be Televised - MVP Kids TV/My Little Pony/Catalyst Winners Episode The program about all about TV. Our guests: Mel Sauder and John Semper, founder-president and group president respectively at forthcoming programming venture MVP Kids TV; Cort Lane and Jenna Warren, executive producer and co-star of long-running animated TV series My Little Pony, and (reset from last month) Catalyst TV Festival TV series pilot winners Grace Ng, Hans Obma and Sophia Conger.

    You can find the site for it over here.

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up!