• Friendship is Magic Dominates the Pony Section of Charcter.AI - And the Results are Amazing

    We've covered a few AI topics over the last year or so, including the current huge debate surrounding the rise of AI Art, which continues to shake up the entire game with new crazy models releasing every few weeks.

    Fortunately it's not all so drama-filled. On the more innocent side of things is the chat generator! These have been in progress for well over a decade now, but only recently have we started seeing good ones built around talking to specific people or characters. Right now Character.AI seems to be the big one, with everyone from politicians to ponies available to have complete discussions with.

    In their "Animals" section, pony currently dominates the top 10 most popular, and for good reason. These models are amazing. You really can just sit down on chat with Fluttershy, asking her questions about her friends or even topics completely outside of pony. Joining her in some of the most fine-tuned ones are Chrysalis, Starlight Glimmer, Luna, Rarity, Trixie, Applejack, and of course Twilight Sparkle.

    Head on over to the beta website to talk to ponies. You get a certain number of generations before you need to make a free account.