• Community Soapbox - G5 Music Remix Potential, Winter Wishday's Simple Story, Spike Vs. Sparky

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    • People Are Sleeping on Remixing G5 Songs
    • Winter Wishday Was Simple and That's a Good Thing
    • Difference between Spike and Sparky
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    Winter Wishday Was Simple and That's a Good Thing
    By: Creed Analyist

    I've been seeing a lot on Discord about people disliking Winter Wishday because of how simple the story was and comparing it to Hearth's Warming Tail.

    This is unfair.

    Not every holiday themed episode needs to be on that grand level. This was much more like the Best Gift Ever special. Something simple to keep fans entertained and flesh out the characters a bit more.

    Others are disappointed that it wasn't Opaline that was behind everything. Or even Misty. Or the lack of Misty. Specials for most series tend to not follow the actual overarching story though. They like to introduce brand new concepts to give us a view of the characters from another angle.

    And the people complaining about unicorns not noticing their horns glowing when they said the magic words. Lets realize unicorns aren't used to their magic yet. It's unfair to expect them to know everything about it when everyone still has no idea what is going on.

    Anyway I think people are being too critical. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading. 

    People Are Sleeping on Remixing G5 Songs
    By: Horserus

    I really think we are missing out on some potentially excellent remixes of G5 music. There are so many good songs, but I feel like very few are giving Tell Your Tale and even Make Your Mark a chance. In Tell Your Tale's case, we had some great tracks around halloween that have been largely ignored, along with of course Izzys trash song that was begging for a fandom extension. Rock remixes, drums and bass remix, hell even dubstep remixes were all the rage in the early days. What happened to it all? I still see lots of impress musicians in the open music posts on EQD but all of them to either just remix G4 songs or do originals, which is good but really people need to branch into G5! 

    Difference between Spike and Sparky
    By: Double C

    Sparky Sparkeroni has been a cutie addition to the Mane 5’s story both in Tell Your Tale and Mark Your Mark. But Sparky is different from our favorite dragon Spike from FIM. While both where apparently abandon as eggs and raised by ponies but they have different viewpoints.

    The most obvious is how they are viewed by their main caretaker, Twilight for Spike and Hitch to Sparky. Since Hitch is an adult he has no problem of being Sparky’s adopted father because he wanted to take responsibility. For Twilight it’s been complicated since there have been many time she doesn’t know what she is supposed to be to Spike. He was given to filly Twilight for her entrance exam even though Celestia was the one who found him. Either seen as her assistance, friend, or brother to which Twilight never could really pick courtesy of the writers never spending more time on that subject.

    While Sparky is still a baby it will be many years before he would know what he wants to do with his life. But Hitch and the rest of the Mane 5 will guide him on a good path of his choosing. Spike however was almost trained only to be Twilight’s “assistance” or whatever reason. Even though he likes helping her but he is at times put in situations that require help from others or not fit for the role at all. But because Twilight keeps calling him number 1 this indirectly made him believe that no one is fit to help and gets hostile if anyone is trying to replace him. This is another thing the writers should have spent more time on what Spike was really meant to be to which Pinkie never said to him.

    So Sparky may have a better life growing up if Gen 5 has a time skip episodes, specials, or movies. Spike on the other had it rough throughout the seasons with many problems. If Hitch ever knew the story of Twilight meeting Spike from either Argyle or Sunny, I bet he like many fans would think it wasn’t a good idea for an adult to give a child a baby to take care. But hopefully Hitch won’t make the same troubles with Sparky like Twilight did to Spike because I don’t want to see Sparky being abused for the sake of comedy. Hopefully we will see Spike again since he could give Hitch some advice on how to raise Sparky even though fans don’t want to see Gen 4 characters. What other differences do you see between Spike and Sparky?