• Fanfiction: New Wave of the Frozen Variety

     [Slice of Life]

    Author: Ghost Mike

    Description: On the heels of discovering her cutie mark and the greatness that is contemporary music, Vinyl Scratch finds herself alone in a snowy park with no music. Just peachy. Searching around for something to entertain herself, she finds a most unusual sight: a filly about her age, playing music far removed from her preferred tunes.
    It doesn't take long for Vinyl to form an unflattering opinion of this snobby filly. Culture clashes will do that. Yet perhaps there's more to her music, and her, then meets the eye. All that's needed is some common ground.
    Nopony said the ground had to be solid earth. 
    New Wave of the Frozen Variety

    Additional Tags: Hearth's Warming, Culture Clash, Ice Skating, Being open to new things