• Discussion: Now That We've Had a Bunch of G5 Content to Absorb, What Do You Think Happened to G4 Equestria?


    We left off with a relatively peaceful world for G4. Twilight had taken over, the mane 6 were getting older, and things seemed good overall. Between then and now though, something horrible obviously happened.

    We've had a ton of episodes of Tell Your Tale, a movie, a full season of Make Your Mark, multiple specials, and of course the comics. While most of this has focused ont he events of G5, they have trickled in a ton of G4 lore to go along with it.

    What do you think happened now that you've seen some of it? What went horribly wrong to essentially wipe out magic, split the ponyverse in three, and turn everyone into racist crazies?

    Drop your theories below!