• 30 Of The Best Luna Fanfics to Read for Luna Day!


    PRAISE the Moon! She makes the best fanfics. The early fandom was filled with them, since we had no idea what kind of personality she'd have for almost 2 years!

    This list is different from last year. Find more moony fics over here. And thanks to fanfic scout Whisper Key for digging them up! .

    Now go read all about best princess below.


    Slice of Life




    Hedging Her Frets by FanOfMostEverything [2k words]


    Most ponies see Princess Celestia as a pillar of wisdom and certainty, mistress of her own mind and confident in all actions.

    Luna knows better and just wishes Tia would get to the point already.


    Ghosts by Ponydora Prancypants [4k words]


    The khirala have avoided the surface for a thousand generations, and they know nothing of the horrors faced by those who must try to survive the war. In fact, they do not even know that word, and they believe they are the only ponies in the world. On a night when the sky teems with ghosts, a young pony from the gateway to eternity will meet an eternal pony, and their lives will change forever.


    A Heartwarming Meeting by Monochromatic [2k words]


    An unpleasant Hearth's Warming Eve takes a turn for the newly returned Princess Luna when an unexpected fan reminds her that there's much more to her than Nightmare Moon.


    A time for forgiveness by Shaslan [5k words]


    Celestia has forgiven her sister for her crimes as Nightmare Moon. But Luna remains unreachable and distant as the moon itself. Celestia wants nothing more than to celebrate Hearth’s Warming with her little sister, and Twilight’s latest friendship report has given her an idea.


    Chores at the Cottage by SockPuppet [1k words]


    Fluttershy ruffles Princess Luna's feathers.


    Eyasluna by The Red Parade [2k words]


    In the midst of her musings, Luna asks a strange favor from a historical expert.


    Musically Inclined by Cara [2k words]


    Music has been a constant in Luna's life. Before her banishment, she'd spent hours conversing with composers about their works, and even tried her hoof at composition herself.

    As it turns out, being trapped in your own mind with a power crazed lunatic bent on eternal night doesn't leave much room for music.

    Maybe a good old fashioned symphony, a walk, and some company can reignite that spark, or at least give it to someone else.









    Astrocatastrophe by Regidar [1k words]


    Sometimes unexpected mishaps occur; sometimes you leave your saddlebag at home, sometimes a faucet breaks, sometimes you lose the keys to the front door.

    Sometimes a small star appears in your bedroom.

    Fortunately for Celestia, whereas the rest of you would be apocalyptically out of luck, she has Luna.

    Unfortunately for her, that means talking to Luna.


    Cozy Glow is Missing by SockPuppet [1k words]


    Cozy Glow is missing. Detective Luna is on the case.


    Luna's Bassoon by Pineta [2k words]


    A princess who loved a good tune,

    Ventured to take up the bassoon.

    But her playing all night

    Did her sister incite

    To banish her back to the moon.


    But all the musicians unite

    To save the princess of the night.

    They fight to defend

    Their bassoonist friend

    And see this injustice put right.


    Moon. Lit. by gimmick68 [2k words]


    It's the end of the week and Cheerilee is enjoying a drink at the bar. Her mellow mood is soon disrupted. The seat next to her is taken by none other than Princess Luna, who has her own drama to unload on anypony who will listen. Or understand her...


    Pony Go Boom by Estee [8k words]


    Luna's still settling back into her full duties, and finding out she's somehow responsible for overseeing Equestria's annual freedom festival came as something of a shock. All she really knows about the holiday is that ponies like to celebrate it with explosions. Fireworks, cannonfire... somehow, her citizens have linked 'freedom' with 'stuff blowing up.' So if there's a citizen willing to blow herself up as part of the festivities -- well, what could possibly be more appropriate?

    ...it seemed like a good idea at the time.


    Princess Luna: Mall Celestia by Miller Minus [6k words]


    War is brewing in the northern reaches of Equestria.

    Well, not really. Or at least, let’s hope not. Hearth’s Warming Eve is only a week away, and a war would really murder everypony’s holiday spirit.

    Fortunately for Equestria, Princess Celestia has a plan to stop the war before it even gets started, just in time to save the holidays. Unfortunately for Princess Luna, her sister's absence means she has to dress up in a red suit, head over to the local mall, and listen to the children of Canterlot prattle on about their asinine wish-lists.

    She'd rather be going to war.









    A Flood of Starlight by Shaslan [4k words]


    Luna has returned from her banishment to the moon, purified and reborn. She should be happy, but she feels lost. Who is she? She is not the Nightmare, but not yet the Princess of the Night that once she was.


    Deep Freeze by Goldfinch142 [2k words]


    Princess Luna is certain, in her final moments on the moon as the last of her strength dies, that she deserves it.

    A thousand years later, Princess Celestia prepares for her sister’s return.


    Heaven Help Us by The Red Parade [1k words]


    Luna finds herself in a burning, barren landscape to try and save a lost soul.


    Lunacy by NTSTS [10k words]


    Luna struggles with the edges of sanity and feelings of depression after her time of lunar isolation.


    Lunangrad by Cynewulf [26k words]


    Luna's homecoming tour has taken her to every major city in Equestria. Every city but one. Lunangrad, the frozen sentinel of Equestria's forbidding north, and Luna's ancient sacred center.

    Twilight, along for the ride, finds herself drawn inwards towards some horrible secret as the world she knows trembles before some great revelation. The Pilgrimage has begun.


    never complete by themoontonite [3k words]


    Six photographs. Six pieces of a mare time forgot. Six parts of her, lost then found again. The scenes they painted called to her, pulling on a yearning to understand that shook her to her core. Luna had to go. She had to find out — was there anything left of her? Or had she truly died, all those years ago on the moon, and been reborn through the fires of friendship? Luna hoped those photos held the answer.









    Operation TwiLuna by twilight the scribe [11k words]


    Celly, Discord and Cadey have been spying observing. Luna and Twilight seem to have feelings for each other!!! The problem? They don't seem to know how each other feels!! What to do? Celestia, Discord and Cadence (Well, mostly Discord) come up with Operation TwiLuna, to get the two together in their own ways. subtlety, beautiful romance, and chaos.

    I feel compelled to add "What could possibly go wrong?"


    Twilight, Good Night by Carapace [220k words]


    To better herself, Luna has studied Twilight's actions and friendship reports almost religiously. However, she never expected to find the tables turned and be under the microscope herself, nor did she realize that a pony would go so far for one they called friend.


    Within The Seas of The Galaxies by Soothing Stone [51k words]


    The next Nightmare Night is approaching fast, and this time Luna's going to come to scare everypony as Nightmare Moon the first time intentionally. A few days before she leaves for Ponyville though, she discovers the friendship reports Twilight has been sending to Celestia. Interested in these, she reads them and realizes she has a crush on Twilight Sparkle.

    How will she react to this revelation, and will Twilight return those feelings?


    All for One - One for Luna by Wodahseht [22k words]


    Not long after Tirek's defeat, Twilight has begun suffering from a medical condition that shouldn't be able to affect ponies and her life depends on Luna. How will both of their lives, and their relationship, be affected during the days and nights together as Twilight searches for a way to reclaim her independence?


    I'd Only Dream Of You by Silent Whisper [9k words]


    Every time Luna falls asleep, her lover vanishes. Every morning, she must find who he's replaced.









    A Whisper From the Void by Flashgen [7k words]


    Luna sees a terrifying sight destroy her beautiful night sky, only for it to suddenly vanish. Then, a voice begins whispering in her ear, saying things she had always thought but never spoken.


    If Only In My Dreams by Petrichord [3k words]


    Hearth's Warming is a time of giving thanks.

    Even when the entity we're giving thanks to might not be the sort other folks think deserves it.

    But Luna's wise enough to love her enemies. Or, at least, acknowledge when debts are due.


    Izzy and the Moonlit Garden by Sledge115 [12k words]


    Izzy Moonbow has always felt alone. Bridlewood was quiet, and its people quieter still.

    Then one day, she comes across a moonlit garden, hidden deep amongst the trees. Its caretaker is a strange mare who speaks of the days of old when friends were plentiful and the nights were beautiful.

    Her name is Luna.









    Parlous by Carabas [12k words]


    A month after her return to Equestria, Princess Luna flies forth to fight a sea monster.


    Adventure is Adventure, My Dear Sister by B_25 [3k words]


    Retirement becomes boring once the relaxation fades. Boredom strikes. Celestia is content; Luna is not. But it's Twilight, sending them on a mission, one like they underwent, countless years ago, to pave dangerous lands into something safe. Together.


    From One to Another by Flashgen [4k words]


    Luna has requested a private meeting with Princess Twilight Sparkle under specific circumstances. In the dead of a dark, cloudy night, they venture into the tunnels beneath Canterlot's castle.