• My Little Pony: Welcome to Equestria VR Game in Devopment


    The Canada Media Fund has apparently listed up a project involving a VR specific My Little Pony game. The current description available doesn't actually say what generation it is, or anything about the world they are building in particular, instead focusing on the technological aspects of the project:

    My Little Pony: Welcome to Equestria is a suite of four large-screen, multiplayer attractions, designed for the location-based family entertainment market. Each attraction features a different My Little Pony (MLP) environment and a unique core interaction. Such interactions include controlling a flying pony and participating in a choose your own adventure story. These attractions are designed for intuitive, open-ended, group-based play. With each attraction offering a unique experience within the world of My Little Pony, operators have the flexibility to exhibit one or all of the attractions based on budget and available space, ensuring a varied and engaging experience regardless of configuration.

    Outside of it being multiplayer, exploration focused, and rocking a budget of 920k,  we don't have much else to go on. Hopefully it ends up good in the end for all of you out there with VR headsets!

    Thanks to BeenieDash for the heads up.