• About The Harassment of Show Staff

    Howdy everypony. If the polls are anything to go by, a good amount of you are quite excited about gen 5. We have a lot of answers ahead of us and I know I am excited to see what they bring. As most of us have likely seen by now, we just want to swing by and pass along a few reminders. As with G4, we know some people may not see eye to eye on some things. Maybe it is something within the fandom, or the direction of the show or official content itself. Regardless it is important we understand that people like things for different reasons, and that is ok.

    It is certainly not acceptable to treat or speak hatefully to someone because of these opposing opinions though, and we all know from time to time that happens within any fandom. As we continue to hold strong the values of love and tolerance I would encourage all of us to do are best in treating one another respectfully. This also applies to when we engage with show staff. I know I am not the only one who is blown away by the continued support and engagement from those who make the show we love, and unlike the early years of G4 we now have quite a few fans on staff as well. It is important we also do our best to be supportive of those that go above and beyond to make pony the best it can be.

    Recently, I have had numerous reports of show staff being harassed on Twitter, and that reflects poorly on us and the community we represent. These are people just like us who are putting a ton of hard work into bringing us the best pony cartoon they can, and we have to be understanding of the fact some things don't always come out the way we expect them to. 

    With that being said, we all have a lot of love for pony and will stick around while there is still fun to be had. I know I'm not alone when I say that this new generation has a lot of opportunity, and likely tons of surprises around the corner. Let's all remember, the ride never ends!