• Random My Little Pony Merchandise - 2023 Calendars, Halloween Costumes, Candy, and TONS More!

    I'm going to throw random merch back in the regular rotation here since we've kinda neglected this area for a while! If you see weird or minor pony merchandise while out there in the while, be sure to send it our way with a picture and location to Submit@equestriadaily.com with RANDOM MERCH as the subject and we can include it!

    This week we've got a ton of random things found from the internet and real life. Head on down below for a flood of G5 and a bit of G4!

    Hair and Nail Accessory Pack

    Found at: BigW
    Found by: Sprout

    Unique Like Us Shirt

    Found at: Deprati
    Found by: Sprout

    G5 Beanie

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: Tahu

    G5 Ramen

    Found at: Aktau
    Found by: Alys

    Sunny Costume Walmart Exclusive

    Found at:Walmart
    Found by: TeaLeaf

    G5 Watch

    Found at: IG
    Found by: Alys

    G5 Bag

    Found at: Lazada
    Found by: Alys

    Water Drawing Pad

    Found at:IG.ru
    Found by: Alys

    G5 Electric Toothbrush

    Found at: Woolsworths in Australia
    Found by: Sprout

    Ballpoint Pen Set

    Found at: Efy
    Found by: Sprout


    Found at: Mexico Apparently!
    Found by: D0001

    Sunny Dress

    Found at: Amazon
    Found by: Overcast

    Memory Game

    Found at: Otto
    Found by: Alys

    LED G5 Watch

    Found at: Studio UK
    Found by: Alys

    Colorable/Color Changing Mugs

    Found at: ndplay Russia
    Found by:

    G5 Beanie

    Found at: Alys
    Found by: VK

    G5 Backpacks

    Found by:D001
    G5 Water Bottles

    Found at:Best and Less
    Found by: Alys

    Lip Balm

    Found at: Diomi
    Found by: Alys

    Neck Pillows

    Found at: Etsy
    Found by: Tealeaf

    More Puzzles

    Found at: Eco
    Found by: Shooting Tornado

    G5 Sweets

    Found by: Las Noticias MLP

    2023 G5 Calendar

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: Debbie

    Knockoff Squirt Gun

    Found by: Ffx

    Walker Ponies

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: Skylee Kay MLP Collector

    G4 Milk Sandwiches

    Found at: Poland, Biedronka
    Found by: Pony Berserker

    G5 Karaoke Mic

    Found at: cdon
    Found by: Shooting Tornado

    Rainbow Dash Sourcream and Onion Snack

    Found at: MR DIY Stores in Malaysia
    Found by: Jeffrey