• My Little Pony World Mobile Game Now Listed on Google Play - Limited Release in Australia

    The new pony mobile game "My Little Pony World" was announced by budge studios a while back, and is now listed up on Google Play. Apparently onlt Australians can actually play it right now when downloaded officially, but other regions can pick it up on sites like APK Pure and hope for the best.

    The expected monthly subscription priced at AU10.99 has also popped up, most likely only available in Australia even with the APK route.

    Go get all the details below, including the trailer again.


    Magic has returned to Equestria! Play as your favorite pony and explore Maretime Bay like never before! Play fun mini games, complete missions, or design and decorate the Crystal Brighthouse! Let your kindness & confidence glow bright in My Little Pony World! Fun kids’ games designed for girls, boys & children of all ages.

    EVERYPONY IS UNIQUE - Play as one of the Mane 5 - Sunny, Izzy, Pipp, Zipp &Hitch and become one of the ponies, unicorns or

    Music from the game:

    Thanks to G5MLP for the heads up.