• Fanfiction (Scouted): Misty Needs a Hug


    Author: EileenSaysHi

    Description: An alternate take on events that begins in the middle of Chapter 2, Episode 6 ("The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over") of Make Your Mark. This story assumes reader knowledge of the show up to that point.

    Zipp had a lot of suspicions about Misty, the strange unicorn that Izzy had met in town earlier that day and invited to an impromptu sleepover party at the Brighthouse. But while she'd been exercising her detective skills on their guest all night as the oddities surrounding her piled up, she hadn't meant to drive Misty away. So when, after Misty flees from the party in a panic, Zipp notices that she's still out in the Brighthouse's garden, pacing frantically, Zipp decides to see if she can talk to her, and figure out just what is going with this curious new pony.

    And what she learns may well give Zipp room for pause -- and a need to exercise some comfort skills.

    Misty Needs a Hug