• Celebrating 12 Years of Pony! The Party Never Ends!


    My Little Pony Anniversary Author Calpain

    Twelve years, has it really been twelve years already? If I had told myself that many years ago I'd be typing on a website dedicated to colorful little ponies, I think I would have called myself mad. It really speaks to the longevity of the characters, the stories they had to tell, and, most importantly now, the spirit of the community that spawned from it all. It has been three years since the show and other official G4 materials ended, but we still keep this party going!

    All I know is that without this community, this show, I would be a completely different person than I would be today. Before ponies, I was a rather solitary and shy person, not really having many friends especially after I had moved on from high school and college. I guess friendship really is magic, heh.

    Now here we are after another year of art, music, fanfics, plushies, comics and a whole new generation that promises more pony to come. While it isn't the same as the lightning in the bottle as FiM was, I see people having fun with it just as we have with the generation that came before it.

    Things have certainly slowed down since those early glory days, I should know with the recent lack of work that made me semi-retire, but pony always has a way of bringing you back in (yes, I have seen the retirement jokes on Twitter and in the ND, you goobers, heh).

    So, here is to many more years to come. I know I'll be around with Seth and the gang in some way shape or form, bringing what pony tidbits we can. We've got a new feature I came up with I'm rolling out soon which I am excited about, so make sure to stay tuned and pony on everyone. 

    Here's to another year of pony and all the friendship that I so dearly hope it brings! Keep being awesome.

    Twitter: Calpain