• Sunset Shimmer Day Discussion: Character Development, Movie Ideas, and More!


    My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer Discussion Author Calpain

    Sunset, like the mane six themselves, has come a long way since 2013 back when there was a lot of suspicion and hatred surrounding Equestria Girls and when she was quite a villanous pony. It wouldn't be until Rainbow Rocks when she started to really redeem herself and she started to take off in the fandom as a fan favorite. With the end of the show and sadly a premature end for Equestria Girls, Sunny has done all she can do in her time with us so the only question remaining then is simply: was it enough and how did we like the progression she had so far?

    What would you have changed? What would you have liked to see? How would you have ended Equestria Girls for Sunset? Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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