• 35 Sunset Shimmer and Friends Stories to Read for Sunset Day!

    Read a book! Or draw pictures in the margins like I used to do in high school due to unmedicated rampant ADHD.

    Get the Sunset Shimmer fanfics below, and thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up!


    Slice of Life




    An Open Door by SkycatcherEQ [17k words]


    When Sunset saw Sonata Dusk return to CHS and experience a very familiar treatment, she encouraged her friends to reach out to the Dazzlings just as they'd done with her after the Fall Formal.

    Several months later, Aria and Sonata have come to discover some joy in their new life-after-magic. Adagio, however, has continued to refuse the offer—out of bitterness, spite and an unwillingness to give those 'rainbooms' the satisfaction of seeing her break.

    What she has yet to realize is that clinging to this resentment is hurting no one but herself.


    Holidays Unearthed by Bookish Delight [7k words]


    Juniper Montage and Wallflower Blush get together in the local park for a walk. That's all.

    ...okay, maybe Wallflower might have asked to see Juniper for a special reason. And maybe they both need to get their minds off of crippling past regrets and relationship uneasiness.

    But for now? Just walking.


    Agitate the System by FanOfMostEverything [2k words]


    Principal Cinch managed to leave Canterlot High with her dignity largely intact. Of course, that leaves the question of where she went afterwards. While the two schools celebrated the continuing existence of the universe, Cinch went off to sulk.

    It just so happens that one member of the Canterlot faculty knows precisely how she sulks. And in his experience, he plays an essential part in the process. He may have shirked that duty for quite some time now, but tonight, he'll take up the mantle once again, whether Cinch likes it or not.


    This Side of the Mirror by Baal Bunny [1k words]


    After learning about their human counterparts in the world beyond the mirror, Cadance and Shining Armor begin to wonder about the pony counterpart of Abacus Cinch.


    Better Late Than Never by Bookish Delight [6k words]


    One week after the Friendship Games, a small group of Crystal Prep Academy's Shadowbolts meet at Sugarcube Corner for the first, and possibly, last time.

    What they did today, they did with no regrets—and their actions will change the course of the Canterlot High/Crystal Prep rivalry forever.









    On Wings of Ashes by Pascoite [5k words]


    Sonata Dusk used to have friends. The Dazzlings hung out together all the time and told her what to do, and that's what friends are, right? She has Taco Tuesdays, though, and listening outside the chorus room is pretty cool. But Sunset Shimmer keeps looking at her funny, and oh crap, she's going to interrupt taco time.


    The Loneliest Laundromat by PresentPerfect [4k words]


    Sudsy Bubbles spends her days working alone at her laundromat. Try as she might to attract customers, no one ever comes to wash their clothes.

    That all changes one fateful day when a frantic blue-haired girl, her clothes soiled, shows up looking for a place to hide. What happens next, neither of them could predict, but they'll certainly remember it.


    The Market Gardener by shortskirtsandexplosions [3k words]


    When Wallflower Blush's girlfriend has her purse stolen, she swiftly gets it back. With rocket launchers.


    Pastoral Vignette by FanOfMostEverything [3k words]


    At her worst, Vignette Valencia cared nothing about reality, seeing it as little more than her personal plaything.

    There are many ways to make someone care about the world around them. Destroying their phone is one, but suppose the Rainbooms took an alternate approach...


    No Filter by ReedHoarse [14k words]


    Vignette Valencia is the worst person Wallflower Blush has ever met. She's vain, petty, materialistic. She's the kind of person that shouldn't exist outside of horror stories about social media influencers.

    She's also easier to talk to than anyone else.

    Struggling with conversation at the best of times, Wallflower finds Vignette's existence so baffling that it's impossible for her to be uncomfortable around her.


    Were We the Bad Guys? by CommissarAJ [6k words]


    During an otherwise ordinary bus ride on the way back from the Friendship Games, Indigo Zap and her friends reflect upon what they have seen and experienced.

    Until one of them has an unsettling realization about the very moral fibre of their characters.


    Shadowbolts Adventures: The Shadows of Nightmare Night by DragonShadow [6k words]


    One cold and dark Nightmare Night, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, and Sour Sweet get together at Lemon's house to celebrate the holiday with a slumber party. But things take a terrifying turn when a long-hidden secret is revealed about one of their members...


    Wait...I Was Sexy?! by Jay David [2k words]


    It has been a few days since the end of the Friendship Games, and the once-rival groups of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep are now getting along just fine. For Twilight, a former student of the latter, things have been going well. However, during a picnic with the two groups, she soon discovers, to her shock, that her one-time demonic transformation might have earned her a bit more popularity than she would have guessed.









    Late-Night Conversations by EileenSaysHi [6k words]


    As graduation looms, Sunset's anxieties about life—both at Canterlot High and beyond—are mounting, and that anxiety begins to manifest in intense nightmares about the Memory Stone incident, one year prior. At a sleepover with Rarity and Twilight at the latter's house, Sunset jolts awake in the middle of the night, and Rarity overhears. Determined to help her friend, Rarity sits down with her immediately to talk through exactly what's going on—and the two discover some hidden truths about their friendship in the process.


    Do You Remember? by The Sleepless Beholder [1k words]


    As they make their way out of Canterlot, Sunset wonders just how much Wallflower remembers of her.


    Planting the Seeds of Doubt by Impossible Numbers [8k words]


    If the soul is a private garden, then Wallflower's is full of choking weeds and abandoned trash. Thankfully, she's clearing it out now, with help from her friend Derpy in the gardening club.

    Yet something lurks below the soil, waiting for its chance.

    Wallflower wants to bury it, but she's scared. What if it can't be killed at all? There must be another way. A better way to keep a garden pure...


    Apex by chillbook1 [12k words]


    Adagio is starving, with very few options for survival. Her magic and singing are both gone. She's at the end of her rope.

    The most dangerous predator is the one backed into a corner and out of options. Adagio is one such predator.


    Who We Are in the Dark by NaiadSagaIotaOar [12k words]


    Adagio, who everyone knows is an immortal sex goddess, is determined to give her girlfriend a perfect eighteenth birthday. If only she weren't secretly a virgin, it would be easy.


    Jailhouse Rock by Impossible Numbers [16k words]


    Unlike Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, the siren Adagio Dazzle is neither a childish idiot nor an apathetic layabout. She has vision. She has purpose. She has drive.

    So when – after their spectacular defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms – the trio of terror wind up incarcerated as a result of another failed scheme, she utterly refuses to take it lying down. Nothing in her past has taught her to accept failure. Nothing.

    However, the longer she spends in this cell, and the more she has to put up with the irritations and insults of the other two, the more she starts to wonder if something else is going on. Something far more sinister than yet another tedious setback.


    Bad Habits by Scampy [1k words]


    Wallflower Blush has a bad habit, but it's really not a big deal. After all, it's her choice.


    Supernova by applejackofalltrades [4k words]


    Miserably, Wallflower sighed. She was beyond the point of feeling sorry for herself. She just wished someone would.

    Sunny would.

    Yes, Sunset would. Wallflower knew that, but did it matter? Sunset didn’t even know of her existence until Wallflower tried to erase hers. Would it matter once Wallflower was gone? Everything would just go back to normal, and Sunset could go back to her better friends as if nothing had ever happened.

    Because that’s all Wallflower was. Nothing.


    blue wallflower by Mica [4k words]


    Complete the following tasks. Then come and join me. Underneath the shadow of the singing tree.









    Find The Holiday Magic by Flutterpriest [1k words]


    A simple holiday gift exchange between friends becomes the perfect place for a rather tender moment between Applejack and Adagio.


    The Science of Choice by Bookish Delight [6k words]


    Twilight Sparkle and Timber Spruce have been dating ever since the events of Camp Everfree.

    But some time later, Twilight asks Sunset Shimmer to meet her in the school lab. Because Twilight has relationship worries—lots of them, and Sunset's the only person she trusts to help.


    The Exes Club by MarvelandPonder [17k words]


    Flash Sentry knows his friends are superheroes. He loves that about them. But when he gets the call that they've gotten hurt fighting the forces of evil magic, he doesn't know how to cope. He doesn't know how to help. He probably would've gotten a speeding ticket if his dad wasn't the chief of police.

    To make matters worse, Timber Spruce shows up.


    Per My Last Email by The Red Parade [1k words]


    Wallflower Blush is absolutely certain of three things:

    One, no sane person working on the student government reads her emails.

    Two, Strawberry Sunrise reads her emails.

    Three, Strawberry Sunrise is a bitch.


    Regrowth by Scampy [3k words]


    More than anything, Wallflower wanted to say yes. But she knows she's not good enough for Sunset. Not then, and not now.


    Tending to the Heart's Forgotten Garden by Botched Lobotomy [8k words]


    Dear Diary

    In a series of entries into a diary long-abandoned, Wallflower Blush comes to terms with the end of her relationship.

    You've Got Mail

    Twenty years ago, Wallflower Blush and Sunset Shimmer fall in love.


    Summer waxes, summer wanes. The sunflower sees it all.


    Downfall by Gay For Gadot [8k words]


    Sunset Shimmer's faced a lot on the other side of the mirror. Redeeming herself, uniting her friends, taking down monsters. For better or worse, it's in her nature to solve problems. To make things better.

    So, when she can't do that for the person she loves the most, it's... difficult.









    Another Pony’s Poison by Pascoite [2k words]


    Sunset Shimmer must have felt nervous about meeting Princess Celestia again. She couldn’t even be mad at Celestia anymore, even though by all rights she should. If she could just be loved, maybe that would prove enough.


    The Solution by Wanderer D [2k words]


    Sunset Shimmer was too late. Before she could convince Wallflower Blush to release her friend's memories, they were lost forever. As she confronts Wallflower, and takes the Memory Stone for herself, she contemplates what she must do... and realizes, maybe she's not worth being remembered.

    And now it's time for Wallflower to stop her from making a horrible mistake.


    Running Out Of Air by I-A-M [44k words]


    Wallflower has been living a difficult life since the destruction of the Memory Stone, but no one else knows and she's gone to great lengths to keep it that way. The last thing she needs is to be even more of a burden, after all.


    Ambergris by Pascoite [12k words]


    Sunset Shimmer weathered the storm. She returned from the darkest depths, and now she has good friends. People like her.

    If I haven't sunk too far myself… maybe she'll help me. Then I can help Sonata and Aria.

    Please, Sunset.


    Being Juniper Montage by Bookish Delight [42k words]


    Mere weeks ago, Juniper Montage was a spiteful girl, a thief, and even—for a short time—a magical menace. However, Starlight Glimmer and the Rainbooms managed to reach her, and extend the hands of forgiveness and friendship. Juniper has been grateful for the second chance ever since, and eager to show that she can be a good friend herself.

    While touring Canterlot High School with Twilight Sparkle, she comes across two girls in dire cinematic straits. Juniper knows she can help, so she decides to step in. However, in the midst of her attempt, her past—all of her past—returns to haunt her, and her self-esteem pays the price.

    Now Juniper must discover for herself what it truly means to be a friend, while also fighting an angry, fearful voice in the back of her mind that continues to insist that she's not worth anyone's friendship... and keeps getting louder.









    Down the Laundry Chute by Tethered-Angel [4k words]


    Sunset the unicorn and Adagio the sheep are Sweetie's most beloved stuffed animals. They are also each other's favorite cuddle buddies. When an unfortunate napping incident lands the two of them in the basement, they embark on an epic quest to return to the bedroom where they belong.