• New Synopsis for Make Your Mark: Chapter 2 Arrives

    A new synopsis for Mark Your Mark: Chapter 2 has released! We had a trailer yesterday, and this gives us a bit more detail on what we saw:

    Magic has finally returned to Equestria thanks to Sunny Starscout and her new friends! The Pegasi can fly and the Unicorns can use levitation again… and the Earth Ponies have activated their own special magic for the very first time in history. It’s a whole new world! Which is exhilarating… but, well, also a little scary and strange. And now that Sunny is an Alicorn with powers, there’s a lot to figure out.

    Make Your Mark airs on the 26th of September! We will keep you updated on anything else that drops about it.

    Thanks to VcSaJen for the heads up.