• Battle Gem Ponies New Ultra Demo Available, + Trailer!

    The monster battling pony game Battle Gem ponies has arrived again with another big update, including a brand new demo for you to dive in to, and a trailer showing off more of its progress!

    Head on down below for it, along with some details on what you can expect.

    Patch Notes: 

    We've cooked up a new demo and released it just in time for Everfree Northwest. Now any-and-everypony can play it at home! 

    Download Free Here:  https://yotesmark.itch.io/battle-gem-ponies

    In This Demo You'll Find:- New Battle Mechanics
    - More Team Customization Options
    - A Lively Island Overworld to Explore
    - A New Shop & Currency System
    - 12 New Pony Ultra Forms
    - More Advanced Battle AI
    - Improved HUD/UI
    - And a Bangin' New Boss Fight Track!

    We're looking forward to seeing what the game looks like in a much more complete state another year from now.

    New 1 Year Later Kickstarter Project Update Video!