• My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 2 - Episode 1 - "Izzy Does It!" Discussion

    It's time for a new season! If you have Netflix, it's all available right now, but I'm going to do daily posts for the next 8 day for dedicated discussion posts on each one. Go watch and absorb, then bring what you found here! It looks like they are hiding a LOT in each episode that reference G4 and other things.

    Izzy Does It started us off, and is actually available on Youtube in full so I'll go ahead and embed it down below. What do you think of Chapter 2 so far? I'm liking the new lighting more than anything. They really did a good job of that!

    Now go watch below. These posts will be every day at 10:00 AM PST, but feel free to drop your ideas off throughout the day.