• Make Your Mark: Chapter 2 Begins!

    When I first set that countdown ages ago it felt like the release was so far away. Today officially marks the release of Make Your Mark! Or at least an hour after this post goes up.

    If you missed out initial announcement earlier, we will be doing daily episode posts at 10 AM PST for all 8 episodes if you'd like a place to discuss each one specifically. We won't get that slow burn like we got with G4, but at least we can try to absorb them and really dig in to everything.

    There are people on the Discord server planning all day parties if you are interested in that. It's always more fun to discuss episodes live, so synch them up and have some fun with it if you are one of the people around this late in the US or in another country where it's actually releasing in the middle of the day.

    Anyway, go enjoy make your mark! Hopefully it satisfies that pony itch.