• IMPACT! Miniatures Running a Kickstarter for Tabletop Style Pony Pins

    We posted about Impact Miniatures way back in January of 2021 when they released the really neat little Dungeons and Dragons style mini figures for all of you out there running pony themed tabletop games. That kickstarter turned into a huge success, so they are back yet again.

    This time around they have high quality enamel pins of various traditional tabletop classes, ponified. Without aiming for stretch goals, the initial set of six includes Sorceress/witch, Druid, Alchemist, Wizard, Thief, and Paladin. As of this post going up, they've already hit their first stretch goal which adds the bard and barbarian to the set. Right now, gunslinger, monk, fighter, chaos hunter, cleric, and ranger are still locked behind future goals. You can find pictures of all of those over on the Kickstarter page.

    They sent me the initial set of 6 if you are curious about what they look like in person, along with the 32 page coloring book and sticker sheets. I've popped them all down below!

    Overall these pins are definitely some of the higher quality ones out there, and I've seen a lot of pins coming from pony conventions over the years. The enamel is thick and they have nice rubber stoppers on the back. You can see for yourself how good the paint coloring is. I don't see many flaws at all in any of them.

    And this is the coloring book. It's pretty straightforward, with each of the classes you see above, plus a bunch of monsters and other things all ponified. If you like coloring, or like kids, the lines are nice and thick.

    And finally, we have the sticker sheet which includes each of the characters that will be available if all of the stretch goals are met.

    If this looks like a campaign you'd like to support, hit up the page over here and slap a pledge in there