• A Quick Look and Review of the Chibi Pony Adventures 2 Figures from "IMPACT! Miniatures"

    As most of you know due to a post a few days ago, there is currently a Kickstarter campaign running for the second round of Chibi Pony Adventures miniatures from IMPACT! Miniatures. These guys popped up years ago in their first iteration, and since then the company has only gotten better at pumping out super detailed little models for you all to use in campaigns or paint.

    So, what can you expect out of them? I bugged the company for a few to check out. Head on down below to see the Quilin, Alchemist, and Cyborg ponies above. 


    I asked for this one primarily due to the ridiculous love of Fallout Equestria we see every single day here on the site. Their "Cyborg pony with guns" looks like it comes right out of something in that book, complete with the dual mounted machine guns on the side and freaky cybernetic eye. 

    As a tabletop nerd myself, I'm no stranger to the thousands of miniatures out there that cover just about every creature and class type imaginable. There are some companies that release them fully colored (albeit not usually well unless the price is insane) and others that stick to the traditional style of sending you blanks to paint yourself. These follow option two, giving you a base pony to play around with and deck out in whatever colors you think would look best for your specific playset.

    As you can see from the cyborg here, the details are super intricate, so expect a bit more challenge than the usual miniature. Of course, you could just slap some flat colors down and call it good in some of the more detailed gear bits, but sneaking some darks into those crevices would really make them pop.

    They are offering a Kirin figure, but I thought the Quilin looked a bit more similar to our MLP klirin, so I asked for that one instead. This one also really shows off how detailed these figures are. Every single scale is it's own spiky little bit here. No lazy fake texture over a flat piece on these guys. I didn't even know 3D printing technology had come this far. 

    Another thing to note is that they actually look good from the front. This is something a lot of companies have struggled with when creating pony figures over the years. 

    The detail goes all the  way around too, with the back legs rocking the trademark Kirin floofs we all love. Or you could paint them as spikes. It's really up to you when it comes to crafting your minis.

    The final pony they sent over was the Alchemist, who I thought looked a lot like Applejack with the hat and pony tail. It's a concept I was hoping Apple Bloom would aim for some day with Zecora kinda taking her under her wing for a few scenes in the show. I think they nailed it.

    Another thing to note is that all of the figures easily stand up even without their little stands. This is something that has plagued many a D&D game when a crappy figure someone is using topples over every time it's moved or someone bumps the table. It's a minor inconvenience but annoying enough that I'm glad these can handle standing still.

    Obligatory butt.

    All in all, I'd say they did a great job on these guys. There are loads of tiny details for the more experienced painters, and they look good even without paint for anyone that doesn't bother coloring their minis.  Since we last posted them, there have been a few stretch goals met and more characters revealed, including this crazy skeletal Fluttershy looking pony below. I'm looking forward to throwing them into a campaign after this crazy virus nonsense is over with, assuming I can convince my antisocial nerd group to stop meeting up on Roll20 and drive again. I have a feeling that's going to be a challenge now that everyone is spoiled from remote play...

    You can support them on Kickstarter and pre-order packs over here!