• KidScreen Article Reveals New Movie Details: Setting, Lore, and More!


    It would appear we are finally getting a little more info about the future of pony other than that we know the film coming out later this year is going to be done in a CGI style. For awhile we have wondered what sort of world to expect, what sort of characters, and if there would be much lore held over from FiM.

    If what this article says is true, it is rather encouraging!

    Check on after the break for the details if you're avoiding any sort of spoilers! Thanks to Twinny for the heads up!
    To summarize what is going on, according to the KidScreen article we can expect a continuation of the world we saw in Pony Life and FiM, drawing on the nearly decade of lore G4 built up. Why start from scratch when there is already this vibrant world to draw from? Furthermore, they seem to agree that there are still plenty of places to explore in Equestria that haven't been touched on yet.

    “With the movie, we started development and made the decision to expand the world of My Little Pony, rather than starting from scratch with a total brand reinvention,” Thompson says. “We found ourselves with this whole decade of storytelling and really rich lore, and it felt wrong to walk away from all of that.”

    "Instead of abandoning the franchise’s characters and stories, the movie will take place in the same world featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life, but jump ahead in time to focus on a new generation of ponies and unexplored corners of Equestria. This creates opportunities to include nods to the property’s previous iterations, both in upcoming content and consumer products offerings.

    “If you’re brand-new to the franchise, I think it will grab you and pull you in,” says Thompson. “And existing fans are going to be picking out Easter Eggs for months and years to come.”

    There is also some indication of the direction that Hasbro wants to take the series, wanting it to be more inclusive as well as providing some details about the main character, highlighting that they are an activist.

    "The introduction of new characters and a departure from designs featured in Friendship is Magic and Pony Life is intended to shift the brand’s focus to more modern themes like diversity and inclusion.
    The movie’s main character, for example, is an activist working to make the pony world a better place."

    There are some other tidbits in the article about the direction of the toys and such, but these seem to be the juiciest tidbits of info. What do you guys think?


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