• The Cutie Mark Mix-Up - Netflix Tie in and Sparky Focused Story Synopsis Revealed

    Artist @ku_Rimo


    Sparky has only barely been introduced in the Make Your Mark Special, but we are already getting a full on synopsis for a future book that appears to tie into the Netflix special if the info on its Amazon listing is any indication. We've posted the title of this one in the past, but never this new summary they have up!

    Head on down below for a bit of a teaser at what may be coming up once the series drops later this year.

    ListingMy Little Pony: The Cutie Mark Mix-Up: An official story book from the Netflix series

    Release date: June 2023


    Join Sunny Starscout and her pony friends for another adventure in Equestria!

    Sometimes you have to walk a mile in another pony's horse shoes to understand what they are going through …

    When one of Sparky’s dragon burps makes Sunny and Hitch swap cutie marks, it causes magical mayhem! Swapping powers brings them closer as friends as they grow to understand eachother better. But will they work out how to swap back again?

    A magical story from the My Little Pony Netflix series.

    This cute and colourful picture book is perfect for My Little Pony fans age 5 and up.


    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up.