• Featured Music: Fulmen, King of Thunder

    Jyc Row's next epic orchestral track has arrived! There aren't any vocals in this one, but it follows along with his Primordial Pantheon storyline, with powerful magical horses doing explosive things. You can find the lore behind these over here, and the prequel information here.

    Go listen to it below!

    Description:  This time, we're going with the theme of Fulmen, the King of Thunder! While he is quite pretentious and have a high-esteem of himself, he's an excellent king and leader to his people. He gives a lot of attention to details, especially when it's about the festivities in his Kingdom. Fulmen has one motto: everyone must feel like at home when they visit his kingdom.
    He's the only one out of the Seven to have three "royal bodyguard" (even though he's more than capable to defend himself - it's mainly to protect his people) composed by three Fulmenian priestesses, named the "Sororal Triad".
    He likes to be around his priestesses, to eat fruits and drink fine wine and he's quite the seducer.
    The Fulmenians are more often Weaponmasters than Harmonizer. Their affinities with thunder gives them the reputation to be the fastest fighters out of all the adventurers.
    Due to their feline/canine attributes, their two canines are a bit more proheminent than the other ethnicities.
    Fulmen has quite a good relationship with the direct neighbour of his Kingdom, Ardenu and Python. However, he has a huge grudge against Virtus, the King of Heroes.
    While he has nothing against the Virtusian (even though he might be a little bit colder to the males), he can't stand Virtus at all due to personal reasons.

    Fulmen's Kingdom is half desert (South) and half green field (North). There is a huge mountain in the West – probably the highest of this world – surrounded by a giant thundercloud, certainly due to the presence of the King of Thunder.
    The sacred castle of Fulmen and capital of this Kingdom is “Aemna”, where the sky is always covered by dark thunder clouds. Ironically, the capital is quite animated and have one of the biggest market of Equestera and the Fulmenians there are happy and joyful.

    As always, the theme is separated in two part: the first 2/3 is the Fulmenian leitmotiv and theme and the last 1/3 is the Primordial Pantheon theme that will come back in each Kings/Queens theme.

    In any case - hope you'll like this third Primordial Pantheon theme! :D

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