• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XII: Day 21

    My Little Pony Newbie Artist Training Grounds Author Calpain
    Artist: AnimatorWil

    And with that another Makeup Day is done! I hope you all managed to get what work you needed to get done for today or had a well deserved rest if you've kept up so far. All the same we're now in the final stretch of the NATG and with just 10 more prompts to do I'm sure you all can do it!

    For today, you all managed to bring in 115 ponies which now brings us to 1606 ponies in total!

    Now, back to the prompts! As I said this is the final leg of the journey and I'm sure so far it has been quite an adventure for all of you who have participated so far. It really is a marathon to get to the end but now it is in sight and I hope that has given you the enthusiasm to push on! Much like how this whole experience has been an adventure, our ponies have had quite a few adventures themselves in the land of Equestria so for today I would like you to Draw a pony returning home from a long jounrey / Draw a pony on an adventure.

    As always you can find the submitter here.

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    Once you have the image uploaded to Twitter, DeviantArt, or wherever try this: Touch and hold the image. Depending on what browser you’re using, select the image URL by tapping the links below: Chrome: Copy link address Safari: Copy

    Use that URL in the compiler for your image. Hopefully that works!

    Max Image Resolution is 2000x2000! Resize your pictures to make sure they are the appropriate size, any image software should be able to help you.

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation that people should follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials
    2 Day 16 - Spike vs Spike - Faith?

    Art image 2
    Welcome to the Spike Pit
    3 Day 19: Art for Breakfast - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 3
    Tai was so exhausted and burned out, art was in everything he did, even his breakfast!
    5 - Fullmoonrose7

    Art image 5
    6 - Fullmoonrose7

    Art image 6
    7 Above and Beyond - Isuvyw

    Art image 7
    Little Pink Gael takes flight.
    8 Stuck - Soobel

    Art image 8
    Pony scraping the bottom of the barrel!
    9 ATG2022 13 Berry Punch Getting The Last Drop - Berry Punch

    Art image 9
    Berry Punch scraping the bottom of the barrel of Applejack's best apple product. Not a single drop may go to waste.
    10 ATG2022 14 Trixie's magic trix - Trixie

    Art image 10
    Trixie living her dream doing what she loves, with a special baron bunny cameo.
    13 The New Collection - Star Shine

    Art image 13
    day 19 - draw an exhausted pony/draw a pony burning out
    14 The Journey Begins - Star Shine

    Art image 14
    Day 15: Draw a ponyfied version of your favorite book, game, ect / Draw a pony scene you’d loved to have seen in the show
    15 Sky Full of Stars - Star Shine

    Art image 15
    Day 12: Draw a pony lost in space / Draw a pony from the far future
    16 Trap Problem - Tarkan809

    Art image 16
    Spike never became aware of getting himself trapped in some cases… but with a little “treat” that he could get his hands on but he ends up setting it off, trapping him. However for Weston, he doesn’t get himself trapped anyways… Then again he’s completely aware of his friend getting himself into trouble…
    17 Going on an Adventure - Tarkan809

    Art image 17
    Spike went through many adventures (mostly tagging along with ponies)… Although Weston never had an opportunity like that. So Spike decided to invite Weston along to embark their journey together…
    18 Fighting against a Monster - Tarkan809

    Art image 18
    (The information on this is too long) (I'm not sure if I put information of the images for these submissions.) (Sorry for the trouble.)
    19 A Spooky Surprise - Tarkan809

    Art image 19
    The two young creatures wandered around the spooky forest. Although they might not know where it lead to… After walking so much they found out that they were lost, then they heard something along the bushes… Weston feared of what’s going to happen and Spike tried to calm his friend down… But once the noises had stopped an unexpected surprise happened right before their eyes… Two young kids in Halloween costumes popped off from a bush right in front of the creatures almost scaring them completely… The two kids cheered as they celebrate their Halloween spirit across… However the two creatures became confused with the two kids… Are they a friend or foe? Who knows…
    20 Pluma’s Revisit - Tarkan809

    Art image 20
    After the events of the ghost of Paradise Estate, Pluma had forgiven for pretending to be the ghost and tried to scare everyone off in Paradise Estate so she could get the first half of the Flashstone so she could save her grandfather Ruff from Squirk (with then the ponies tagged along to help her)… And thanks to the ponies and the kids help Ruff has been saved, Defeated Squirk and restored everything back to normal (then they destroyed the Flashstone to prevent the same incident.)… It might be the last time she’s been to Paradise Estate as she and her Grandfather returned back to their homeland… Until one day in the distant future… (After the events of Spike’s Search), Pluma decided to visit Paradise Estate again but a more friendlier approach this time around… When she arrived there she finally greeted everyone again in Paradise Estate… However Pluma never expected Spike to bring a new friend to Paradise Estate…
    21 Fear and Comfort - Tarkan809

    Art image 21
    Weston may not be the bravest when it comes to scary things… However for Spike he does his best to be brave as well as comforting his friend as much as he needs the most… Which is really heartwarming how friends can easily get through current situations that they face.
    22 Yucky bugs! - Tarkan809

    Art image 22
    Spike is really disgusted when it comes to bugs, sometimes there are some that really make him jump big time… Weston however he in fact knows that birds could also eat bugs… Although when he sees a bug that is either new to him he stares at it… wondering… Would he eat it?… Whatever his curiosity struck he will know eventually.
    23 Dragoned out - Tarkan809

    Art image 23
    Spike mostly comes along with Danny in curtain adventures that they went… However Spike never had been thought by an actual Dragon… Although Danny could read out about Dragons from one of his books but Spike would prefer to being taught by an actual dragon (and which in their search they happen to came across Weston for the first time)… Then again it would take a while for Spike to find the same exact kind of Dragon type so he could learn from… (yet again too long to continue... in this...)
    24 Generation “meet up” - Tarkan809

    Art image 24
    Nor-creature is aware that there’s more generations out there in the very far future… However there’s one Spike and “Weston” in the fourth generation that somehow ended up back in time to the very first generation… Spike (G1) and Weston never knew that there’s a very different version of themselves… Although Spike (G4) is completely different dragon… and his “Weston” however is a phoenix… and surprisingly he never speaks… It’s very confusing how two different generations would be able to see each other like that… But hey, there’s no “space-time continuum” incident on this…
    25 New Dance moves - Tarkan809

    Art image 25
    (Continued from that one meet up of the Spooky Kids...) Spike and Weston happen to get along with the “Spooky Kids” well, despite how the two spooky kids adventures are more different than the two creatures had… but overall it’s not really bad compared each other, it’s really fun and mostly spooky… the two creatures learnt a new dance from the two kids which is the “Spooky Dance”… Even though they’ve danced before in a song they’d thought maybe the kids would learn their dance as well… And boy they all enjoyed learning new dances that they never did…
    26 Too Sweet for the Heat - Tarkan809

    Art image 26
    Spike has a Sweet tooth that he never resist… Then again his dragon kind is really sweet. He could easily dive-in to desserts, and sometimes it might be very messy… Weston might not have that kind of tooth but he could try anything new. On one hot summer day, all ponies had mostly cold desserts to cool them down… For Spike however he doesn’t typically wait too long to get a taste of the treat… So he goes to it instantly having his head to dive into an ice-cream to devour it… Weston however he could also have a share as well, he could get the ones from the sides that are dripping out of the sides where Spike was diving in… Hopefully that it would be more enough for him to try…
    27 Me and My future self - Tarkan809

    Art image 27
    Spike and Weston never knew what the future is going to be like… So one day, they came across two creatures from the future that somehow traveled back in time and turns out it’s the grown up versions of them… Which brought then to their wonder to ask about the future since their adult versions happen to travelled back in time to their younger age… Would it be good? or whatever the bad or worst that could happen? (sorry if I couldn’t come up with a better story for this.)
    29 Colt Scrapes Cookie Dough Barrel - Grrawesomeness

    Art image 29
    30 Scarlet At The End of Her Rope - Grrawesomeness

    Art image 30
    31 Kelsey Lets Her Mind Wander About Cute Girls - Grrawesomeness

    Art image 31
    32 Back to the future - Wolfy

    Art image 32
    Rachel Hay from the far future
    35 Pool Pony - Zeccy

    Art image 35
    I don't like this one :')
    36 Rubybot's New Skill - GoggleSparks

    Art image 36
    Executing Experimental_Barrier.exe!
    37 Lesley In Action! - BlueSkies

    Art image 37
    After losing her father, Lesley now tries to survive alone.
    39 Garcello - BlueSkies

    Art image 39
    It seems Garcello got transported to the pony world. He begins to wonder what happened to him.
    40 NATG XII DAY16-GuerrillaPonifiedBreakroomCalendarJuly - Lore / Docard

    Art image 40
    This is Luna exploring a strange new world. It's also part of an on-going guerrilla art project of mine, where I have started letting my pony art invade the calendar on my work's breakroom wall this year. My simple plan is to: 1) Add Pony art to each month this year undetected, and 2) Deny it's me doing it, no matter what, all year. Here's last month's entry: https://www.deviantart.com/docard/art/Guerrilla-Ponified-Work-Breakroom-Calendar-June-20-918986638
    41 ATG2022 15 Sunset Shimmer's Mona Cosplay - Sunset Shimmer In Mona Mode

    Art image 41
    Sunset Shimmer trying her new Mona cosplay, because Mona is one of the best! Couldn't pose much of Sunset's face for some reason and most of Mona's outfit neither, so it's almost a default pose with some parts of the outfit missing ¯\_(?)_/¯
    42 NATG XII DAY14 - Expensive New Hobby - Lore / Docard

    Art image 42
    I initially started this one for prompt 16, but I feel like he's trying something new and exciting as well as exploring a strange new world.
    43 Spacial Awareness - bobthedalek

    Art image 43
    Makeup day art, though I got a little confused! I thought I'd missed day 12, turns out it was day 16. Mercifully, my response to day 12 works better as one for 16, so it all worked out quite nicely, by accident!
    44 Plushie - Karboom

    Art image 44
    45 Pony Captured - FlutterLove

    Art image 45
    Day 15: Draw a ponyfied version of your favorite book, game, etc. / Draw a pony scene you would've loved to have seen in the show
    46 Made to Feel Hopeless - Rapidsnap

    Art image 46
    Out of all of her friends, I can't help but notice that Twilight Sparkle treats Pinkie Pie the worst because she is so different to her. One incident was in a Trivial Pursuit where Twilight got Pinkie disqualified from the quiz leaving her to sit at a table alone feeling totally hopeless.
    47 "Just Chillin'" - EmeraldPencil

    Art image 47
    I have basically no experience drawing things on chairs, so I was happy that this wasn't a complete goof. I think it turned out pretty well. As always, constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!
    48 "'Till the Green Ember Rises..." - EmeraldPencil

    Art image 48
    My favorite book series is The Green Ember series by S. D. Smith. I would highly recommend it! The rabbit nation of Natalia has been taken over by wolves and birds of prey, and the rabbits have to take it back! Emerald Pencil is holding Picket's (one of the main characters') sword. He is also wearing a cloak with the double-diamond symbol of Natalia on it. He's ready to go to San Diego Comic Con! As always, constructive criticism is encouraged and welcome!
    51 NATG #15 - What are we waiting for, let's go! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 51
    I loved seeing Starlight Glimmer crossover in EQG and really hoped we would see Sunset Shimmer more in Equestria. I think an episode with these two off adventuring would have been great!
    52 Zephyr's new low - ComradeSparkle

    Art image 52
    Zeph's latest con for the highest profit for least amount of work. Truly, scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    54 TwiLucca - ComradeSparkle

    Art image 54
    ATG Day 15 - Draw a ponified version of your favorite book, game, ect. Waifu from favourite game meets waifu from favourite show... Yes, I have a type!
    55 NATG #14 - It's Called a Kite, Pumpywumpkin! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 55
    I like the idea that Firelight loves kites, too, and that was one of the little things he shared with Starlight Glimmer. One of my happiest memories was my dad teaching me how to fly a kite.
    56 EQD ATG2022 p17~20: Sunset Shimmer suite - meto30

    Art image 56
    This is a combined response to prompts 17 through 20, "pony feeling hopeless" "pony dreaming" "exhausted pony" "pony finding the courage to go on". I was kept busy by the release of the first episode of my comic series, and so I am catching up today.
    57 Posey-n-'Jack - Lore / Docard

    Art image 57
    So... Raise your hoof if you're from the far future.
    58 Under The Moon - Scribbling-Potato

    Art image 58
    Luna and Izzy for Day 16
    60 NATG #17 - This Can't Be All We Have? - Campfire Glow

    Art image 60
    Campfire Glow and Haversack discover in the midst of their pioneering projects that the troop quartermaster shorted them some supplies.
    62 Exhaustion - Campfire Glow

    Art image 62
    Delivering goods around Canterlot during the work week and leading a Trail Trotters Troop on weekends into the Whitetail Woods leaves a pony tapped out by the end of a month.
    66 NATG #17: Silly Pony - MrKat/Panko Pai

    Art image 66
    Who's a silly pony?
    67 NATG #18: Headful of Pinkie - MrKat/Panko Pai

    Art image 67
    "There's a Pinkie dancing in my head!"
    68 Everything - DoodleDonut

    Art image 68
    Given my absence at the start of the month... I had the sudden urge to make up as much as possible for the ATG makeup day...in one image.
    69 NATG #20: Confession - MrKat/Panko Pai

    Art image 69
    In an alternate reality...
    71 Day 5 - My Long Lost Friend - Desert

    Art image 71
    72 Day 14 - New Hobby - Desert

    Art image 72
    New Hobby - learning random phrases in Japanese
    74 Day 15 - Komi and Poni Can't Communicate - Desert

    Art image 74
    I spent way to much time on the collar and it still looks garbage
    75 Handsome Colt - SOENJAY

    Art image 75
    Handsome Jack is the best video game villain, hooves down.
    76 Zipp Meeting Pinkie - SOENJAY

    Art image 76
    Pones of different generations meeting each other. This is the first time I'm attempting to draw any G5 pones and I hate the way Zipp looks, but it is done and can not be undone. Most people would pair a generational meetup of Zipp and Dash, but screw that, I'm drawing my favorite characters from each gen. It's no secret Ponko is the best G4 horse, and so far I really like Zipp in G5.
    77 Day 17 - Long Poni Counts as Rope, Right? - Desert

    Art image 77
    Originally it wasn't supposed to be long poni, but here we are!
    78 Day 19 - Sleepy - Desert

    Art image 78
    79 Day 20 - This Drawing Blows - Desert

    Art image 79
    Yes, those are "wind" emojis
    80 High as a Kite - Optimistic Neighsayer

    Art image 80
    If there's two things Starlight Glimmer likes most, it's flying kites and playing with magic. So why not do both?
    81 Carrot Farming - NiTEi

    Art image 81
    Day 14: Draw a pony doing something they love / Draw a pony picking up a new hobby
    82 The Wheel of Wild Prompt! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 82
    Inspired by JoCat's Crap Guide to D&D! https://youtu.be/EHJGJL40cQs "Where you! That's right, you, and anypony next to you get to experience the high octane thrills of NATG!"
    84 Community Service Beta - Spellbound Canvas

    Art image 84
    The vector took me almost six hours and I'm still not done. I'll see if I can get the finished product into a drawfriend. Also Its been 95F average almost this entire week at my location.
    85 Day 12 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 85
    My OC along with some friends of mine from Trotcon standing in the prereg line that extends all the way to the moon. Thought of this one in the prereg line for Trotcon, never got to make it, and missing the prompts for each subsequent day of Trotcon killed my momentum. Luckily I (barely) managed to get all 9 prompts I missed done today over the course of roughly six hours. It shows unfortunately, as they're all a bit rushed, still, I'm glad to be caught up and I'm looking forward to having a lot more time for tomorrow's prompts.
    86 Day 13 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 86
    Calpain struggles to come up with a prompt. refs used: 2411371
    87 Day 14 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 87
    Wonderful trash horse in her natural environment.
    88 Day 15 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 88
    "One or two people, who had been watching [Neighsay] closely, said later that there was just time for his expression to change before two pounds of tortoise, traveling at three meters a second, hit him between the eyes." Terry Pratchett, Small Gods refs used: 1872402 and 225339
    89 Day 16 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 89
    I hope we get to see giant Spike somewhere in G5.
    90 "..." - Campfire Glow

    Art image 90
    Bulwark: "So...you're a Kirin now, huh?" Campfire Glow: "..." Bulwark: "Cool...cool, cool, cool..."
    91 Day 17 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 91
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQdQBEKW67I Had a lot of trouble getting the face right. refs used: 451686
    92 Day 18 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 92
    Apple horse dreams of apples.
    93 Day 19 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 93
    Reused the lines from previous pic, running down to the wire. Almost no time left for the final pic.
    95 Day 20 - Mallow Malt

    Art image 95
    Finally, a pic of myself frantically trying to finish all these prompts in time. Ran out of time to actually do it digital.
    96 Finders Keepers - Tarkan809

    Art image 96
    Spike often tries to search around things… More than likely even with boxes, barrels and such… There’s not much context with trying to find things out of the ordinary but then again Weston wouldn’t like to mess around stuff along with his friend… but that might be the aware of any dangers when finding things…
    98 A Spooky hobby. - Tarkan809

    Art image 98
    (Continued with the Spooky meet up) Halloween normally was a treat day in one day and in one month… However for Spooky Month, there’s no limits where the day was celebrated… Spike and Weston happen to find Spooky Month to be a new hobby that involves with treats… Even if it’s not on October… Thanks to the Spooky kids they had received several treats from the two Spooky Kids hometown… Although they might need to be careful around with anything scary when going on trick or treating…
    99 [Filler] “There’s a treat in your mailbox” - Tarkan809

    Art image 99
    There’s absolutely no context on this and definitely not related to the stories of Spike and Weston… This is just something that my mind at one point came about… You’d probably get this reference or joke…
    100 I wish I wish… - Tarkan809

    Art image 100
    One day, Spike stumbled across a giant rainbow scale when wandering around Paradise Estate… After discovering it he showed it to Weston and somehow the two were confused… Although there’s a rumor that there’s a place that is the land of Dragons when activating the scale… So from their curiousity… They went ahead and wished upon it and brought them to the land of Dragons… However the Dragons there aren’t really the kind like Spike… but rather different but friendly… Eventually the two got used to visiting the Dragon lands more than likely and they even made new friends on the way… (Even one of them gave him a necklace as a gift) (Sorry if this wasn’t very clear enough.)
    101 Homesick feeling - Tarkan809

    Art image 101
    Continued from the Spooky thing Spike had many friends through out his baby dragon hood… Although somehow him being the only dragon that doesn’t have parents tend to left out his life… While most kids like Weston, Skid, Pump have parents that care for him… Then again Spike being the only one who never had any parents is really the biggest let down on him… He hopes that he could at least find his hometown and see his parents, but… when will it come? After Skid introducing his friends to Lila (Skid’s mom), somehow Spike feels that he needs to express something that he’d never shared with the Spooky kids… He has to do it on a place where it’s safe to tell them… (This story is too long to continue)
    102 Rest Well - Tarkan809

    Art image 102
    When Spike and Weston rests or sleeps they sound peaceful when they’re sleeping. However Spike will be alerted if he’d happen to hear something odd… (Sorry again if this wasn’t clear enough.)
    103 Long walks are Tiring… - Tarkan809

    Art image 103
    Whenever Spike goes on long walks… it gets tiring… Maybe he could catch on with a break at one point… Weston however he might not get into the situation when it comes to walking into long distances… He often tried to get carried around to save more energy…
    104 Windy Believing - Tarkan809

    Art image 104
    Weston always wanted to fly… but he still doesn’t know how to fly since he’s really young. However on one windy day he tries to take on with the wind that might help him fly… And with Spike he could get his hopes up for him to fly…
    105 Thank Celestia For Seawater! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 105
    Whether its downtime or doldrums, Shipshape is the quickest sailor over the side and into the Luna Bay's waters on a hot day.
    106 Campfire Glow as Colt - Campfire Glow

    Art image 106
    Campfire Glow grew up in Cloudsdale, and what young colt didn't spend the day hopping about on every cloud in sight?
    107 A Budding Relationship - Stardust

    Art image 107
    Day 9: The little squidlets hang out
    108 <3 b=""> - Stardust

    Art image 108
    Day 10: headcannons are fun
    109 Day 18 - Lost in thought - Hiddelgreyk

    Art image 109
    The GREAT and POWERFUL TRRRIXIE is not distracted, just already thinking a few steps ahead! Honest!
    110 I'm You, From The Future! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 110
    "I'm you, from the future! We have to finish our time machine before Cozy Glow succeeds in removing all the magic from Equestria!" [Terrified Luster Dawn looks aghast at Future Luster Dawn before Future Luster Dawn transforms into Discord, Lord of Chaos.] "Naw, I'm just messing with you!"
    111 ICE CREAM!! - Stardust

    Art image 111
    Day 14: There was an attempt
    112 Down But Not Out - Campfire Glow

    Art image 112
    Campfire Glow gets the long distance perishable deliveries from Canterlot to Seaddle...eventually.
    113 Of Course I Have A Permit! - Campfire Glow

    Art image 113
    Campfire Glow's first meeting with Lunar Dream resulted in a 20 bit fine as he'd forgotten his castle delivery permit that evening.

    114 Flashy Pop Drifting in Space - Flashapples Master

    115 Pink Choco Cookie Ponified - Flashapple Master

    Twitter: Calpain