• "Merry Christmas, Everypony!" Storybook Pages Revealed

    Amazon has updated their UK version of the "Merry Christmas, Everypony!" Storybook with some preview pages showing off what exactly you will find inside. The entire thing is 24 pages, so it's nothing too extensive, but still neat to see a little G5 story.

    The release date is November 2022. Get the teaser and details below!

    My Little Pony: Merry Christmas Everypony!: The perfect children’s Christmas gift for My Little Pony fans!

    Description: A magical Christmas story from Equestria!

    It’s Christmas time in Maretime Bay, and Sunny, Izzy, Zipp, Pipp and Hitch are making this a holiday to remember! Follow along with your favourite ponies as they celebrate the holidays in their own special pony way.

    With cute illustrations throughout, this bright and colourful picture book is perfect for My Little Pony fans age 5 and up.


    Thanks to Las Noticias MLP for the heads up!