• Fanfiction Updates - July 24th

    My Little Pony Fanfiction Author Calpain

    We've got Turmoil Rising and Magica Ex Dolori today. Go get them below if you've been following these fanfics or need a new one to dive into!


    Author: Posh
    A wave of suicides is sweeping through Canterville. Sunset and the girls can't stop it.
    But maybe Wallflower Blush can. She just needs someone to show her how.
    A crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    Magica Ex Dolori (New Part 8!)
    My Little Pony Fanfiction Author Calpain


     Author: JFT

    Twilight Sparkle rules Equestria as the new sole monarch. Three years have passed since her coronation and the kingdom had enjoyed a time of relative peace under her watchful eye, while she and the rest of her friends went on to live their own separate lives without losing contact or forgetting their friendship.

    But even with everything running smoothly, in the world of light there will always be a shadow that lurks beneath. The ancient primordial darkness of Equestria, which was believed to be a little more than a fairy tale and known only by those whose lifetime transcends the Two Sisters, is about to re-emerge and has found itself agents through whom to execute its will.

    Will the power of friendship be enough to stop the darkness, when there is no light to take its place?

    Turmoil Rising (New Chapter 24-25!)