• Who is the New Shadowy Alicorn?

    Rocking that G5 spoiler tag for this post! If you haven't activated it yet and don't want to see these posts, hit that gear on the nav bar. Usually I get it a day after something releases before making posts about things.

    Anyway, at the end of Make Your Mark, we met our new villain for the series. The special was our introduction to the actual episodic content releasing later in the year, and this was our teaser of things to come. Who is this alicorn? Unfortunately the lighting makes her look a little goofy, but there are already loads of theories out there. Perhaps she was the one that lead to the downfall of cartoon horse society? An apprentice in a long line of apprentices gone horribly wrong? She doesn't look like Luster Dawn, so it must have been long past the Twilight era when she became a thing.

    She's also a fully fledged alicorn, unlike Sunny who just has a super-saiyan alicorn thing going on apparently. Discuss below!