• Maretime Bay Adventure Offiically Launches Today

    Maretime Bay Adventures has officially released today! G4 never got a console game. How do you think G5 will do with a completely new category for pony?

    If you have no idea what this is, we've been covering it for a while now. You can find all of our previous news posts, trailer postings, let's plays, and various other things over at this label. The general idea though is a game about exploring Maretime Bay, doing mini games, customizing your horses, and and following a story about restoring magic. It also apparently has co-op. We will be diving into it soon so keep an eye out for a bit of feedback in a week or so!

    Get it on Amazon, Steam, local stores, or wherever you prefer to buy video games. Hopefully if it does well, we will get more pony games in the future. I know I want that.

    Feel free to discuss it below.