• The Horses Mouth - PaleoSteno and upcoming interviews!

    Afternoon everypony, it's time again to announce our upcoming interview for this Saturday. Following our last two creators, ACRacebest, and Saberspark we are joined this week by the awesome PaleoSteno. Known for his pony vids and reviews on the tube, and for being a staple on the Bronies React series. These have been super fun so far, and we can't wait to share another with yall. Just like the last two weeks, this video will go live on Saturday at 3pm PST!

    So far we have two up and have a ton on the horizon. To tease a few of the 40+ upcoming creators that will be released in the following weeks we have:

    • LittleshyFIM
    • JHaller
    • Alumx
    • Somberpony
    • Princewhateverer
    • Viva Reviere
    • Michelle Creber (Voice of Apple Bloom)
    • Jim Miller (Gen 4 Director)
    • Robert Cullen (Director of Boulder Media)

    But that's all you will get out of me for now! And for those who have not seen them yet, we ask yall to head on over here and check them out. As this is a new series, as well as a new type of content for EqD, we would really appreciate feedback so that we can make this series even better. Thanks a ton to those who have watched far and stay tuned for even more pone!