• The Horse's Mouth Episode 1 | Equestria Daily Interviews ACRacebest

    Howdy yall, it is finally time to release our new interview series. Come join us, as we start off this new ongoing discussion over on YouTube where we sit down and chit-chat with creators and influences on a list that is already at about 40 people and counting. Expect to see these weekly on Saturdays at 4pm PST, and be sure to Subscribe to the channel, and ring the bell to make sure you don't miss out on any surprise announcements! As we told everyone Wednesday, we are starting off with a man who needs a little introduction, the wonderful ACRaceBest. From Bronies React to Ready Player Dumb, and the Semi-Perfect Podcast, Race has been bringing us awesome content for years and is going to continue to do so for years to come!

    Artists, YouTubers, Musicians, Analysts, Directors, and many more, we are not leaving anyone out, and pulling all the stops to bring you never before insight and in some cases never before seen faces for what is sure to be a special direction for content on EQD. After years of focusing our talks on official pony people, it is awesome for us to sit down with all of the wonderful people that helped make pony what it is today!

    Check out the link to the video below and come sit down with Race and I as we talk ponies, Bronies React, conventions, G5, and more.