• The Horse's Mouth Episode 2 | Equestria Daily Interviews Saberspark

    Hey hey hey, it's that time again yall. We are back with another episode of The Horse's Mouth! This one was an earlier interview and features my super awesome HD webcam. Gotta keep that quality top notch for you ponies. Today I am joined by Saberspark. OG Brony, and now big ole Youtube cartoon community icon. Swing on by as we explore some new conversation in this weeks episode!

    My guy has some crazy opinions on the fandom too, be sure to watch till the end to find out how he feels about pony. Also check out Saber's Gaming YouTube channel here, and Don't forget to follow him on Twitter here.


    Check out the link to the video below and come sit down with Saber and I as we talk ponies, Equestria Girls, Super important DS Games, conventions, and more.