• Another Event For Your OpenPony Today! - Whinny Hollow University Prom 2022

    Yesterday the armada of new people that have made an OpenPony invaded a huge party for free stuff and loads of friendship, and that trend continues today with another event with a bit of a different feel from the disco EDM fest that everyone's graphics cards are currently still recovering from. This time around is a prom style shindig held in Canterlot!

    There will be exclusive free dresses, manes, and various other freebies given out, along with everything else you'd expect from a prom. If you haven't collected clothing that would fit in with something like this yet, you can pick it up at the event for your OpenPony. Mares are the focus, but stallions will also have a few options too.

    This one will be more limited in availability than yesterday's event, so be sure to get in quick if you want to attend. We found out yesterday that Second Life caps at 160 despite a loophope that tried to combine two 100 cap servers into one, so get there early if you want to attend the bulk of the festivities! It begins at 2PM PST. Pop this link into your Second Life browser to attend.