• One Page Preview for My Little Pony G5 Comic #1

    Changes are apparently happening over on iTunes with their comic previews, as we only have one page this time as a preview. Hopefully that isn't the case going forward! This is #1. If you missed our announcement for it, you can find it over here. Expect the release on the 25th of this month.

    Now go get it below!

    A new adventure begins here! Join Sunny, Izzy, Zipp, Pipp, Hitch, and their trusty sidekick Cloudpuff as they explore a brand-new Equestria following the magical events of the hit Netflix movie! With magic returned to Equestria, the ponies are more united than ever—at least until one of the Unity Crystals is stolen! Can the Mane 5 find the culprit before magic is gone for good? And where’s Cloudpuff leading them, anyway? Is this . . . Canterlot?!

    Thanks to Shooting Tornado and Las Noticias MLP for the heads up.