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    • Will Discrimination Carry On From G4 to G5?
    • Lauren Faust Did Not Create Every Good Thing That Ever Existed
    • Friendship is Magic Miniseries Pillars of Equestria
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    Will Discrimination Carry On From G4 to G5?
    By: Ryfy

    Now, I know what you may be thinking, “Hasn’t it already been done in the movie?”

    Well yes, and no.

    The Generation 5 movie released in September 2021 dealt with racism between pony to pony, sure. However, as the new special and series comes around the corner, many fans have been wondering, will we see other species that were introduced in Friendship is Magic in the new generation? And how exactly will our new Mane 5 and other ponies treat and talk about them?

    It is no secret that Friendship is Magic had its fair share of discriminatory moments from pony to other species. Take for example, Twilight Sparkle, in the Season 8 premiere, desiring to open a school because “the world [was] filled with so many different creatures who [knew] nothing about friendship” and noting that they needed “lots of help” to teach them about friendship, possibly implying that other species do not know how to make friends or interact with others which of course, a valid argument can be made. Other species in FiM often seem to not have interactions with others and they often belittle the ponies’ strengths, however, ponies cannot also be belittling them by implying they needed “lots of help” for basic social interaction.

    Another case can also be made through the Mane 6’s treatment of Discord vs Starlight. When Discord was reformed, everypony (except Fluttershy and maybe Pinkie) was still wary and suspicious of him and he was mostly lonely whilst Starlight was greeted with hugs, forgiveness and new friends. Of course, one wouldn’t trust somecreature who tried to turn their universe upside down but one also wouldn’t trust somepony who “enslaved an entire town” away from normal civilisation for perhaps months or years and try to change the universe by creating new timelines which mostly resulted in chaos and apocalypse. Maybe Tirek was right when he said Discord’s relationship with the ponies was a “new form of imprisonment” in the Season 4 finale.

    There are many, many other such cases that fans can point out, but I will leave it here.

    Generation 5 is a sequel to Generation 4, claim the executives. Hence, the fans expect Generation 5 to have a similar world building to Generation 4 and as more information comes out week after week, one of the raging discussions was about our new baby dragon, Sparky Sparkeroni, who, according to Sunny, “Dragons haven’t been seen in generations!”, implying that dragons will certainly come back again.

    The question now is, how will our new ponies treat them? Knowing their personalities right now, Zipp will probably be suspicious, Sunny, inquisitive and Izzy would most likely be too enthusiastic in meeting them but will there be subtle discrimination from pony to other species and likewise how will other species treat the ponies here in the new generation?

    Only time will tell.

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    Lauren Faust Did Not Create Every Good Thing That Ever Existed
    By: Peace Petal

    “In the beginning, Faust created the heavens and the earth… and Equestria, with these little horse thingies.” That’s the first line of banquo0’s “History of the Brony Fandom But Way Too Fast” video. It’s also incorrect. Faust did not create the little horse thingies. They’ve been around since the ‘80s. I don’t mean to single out banquo0; “faust worship” is literally a tag on Derpibooru. And I get that it’s just a joke, but it’s kind of a harmful joke because it diminishes the contributions of the countless people who worked on the franchise in the three decades that it existed before Faust got involved.

    Lauren Faust was heavily inspired by previous generations of the show. Friendship is Magic borrows countless ideas from the franchise’s past, ranging from character designs and names, some of their personalities even, aspects of worldbuilding, and of course the very idea of magical, talking, colorful, little horses. G4 simply would not exist without the previous generations. Faust did not create from a void.

    There are a lot of fans who insist that the only good thing that ever happened in My Little Pony’s history was the first two seasons of G4. They’ll tell you that the older generations were all girly trash (without having watched them, of course), that G4 gradually slid downhill after Faust left, and that G5 is no better than G3. You’re totally free to have that opinion if you wish, but… not without watching at least some of the older generations.

    Also, I think it’s unfair to say that nothing good happened on the show after Faust left. Countless people worked hard to keep the show running and to keep it high-quality after Faust quit. Whether or not you personally enjoy the later seasons or G5, plenty of people do. So I think taking the high ground and saying things like, “the later seasons are objectively bad,” “the show had no direction after Faust,” “there was no passion put into the later seasons,” etcetera, is just hurtful. Just keep it to “I don’t like it” and explain why you don’t like it, but don’t try to diminish others for liking something you don’t like. Isn’t that what Asmongold and the other Twitch streamers were trying to do?

    I also find it weird that we feel free to praise Faust for every success in G4 but never find her to be at fault for any of the problems in earlier seasons, like Spike abuse or cheesy moments like Applejack’s “honesty” trial in the Everfree Forest in S1E2. Her contribution of starting G4 is invaluable, but she was far from flawless.

    Basically, I think we’ve built up this absurd mythos around Faust. Good things happened in the franchise before her, and good things have happened since. She was only working on the franchise for a few years. She’s just a blip in pony history. An important blip, but she’s no goddess.


    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Pillars of Equestria Part 1
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about the Pillars of Equestria.

    I’ve decided to do a 2 parts because there are many potential stories for each one including Stygian.

    For Stygian, I feel like he had more potential in the show that would explore more about himself and connection with his counterpart Spike. All the things that happen to him is a mirror image of what Spike’s path could have been. Both are mostly seen as the plus one instead of actual members of each group that likes to help but gets no respect. That’s why they would make good friends by helping each other deal with their stressful and annoying friends especially Twilight and Starswirl. Because of what he went through, Stygian fears that Twilight and the Mane 6 could make the same mistake that Spike will become the next hero turn villain. So to deal with it they both can write a book together about what it feels like being alone while surrounded by friends who are popular then them. This would both be a way for redemption of Spike being left out of the Friendship book and give the Mane 6 and Pillars a better understanding of how much pain the 2 have went through.

    For Flash Magnus, it would be interesting to know if he is related to Flash Sentry. While not confirmed but many fans including me believe they are despite the creators using the same base design. The best clue is that he talks about his niece from either his brother or sister which he may be Flash’s ancestral grant uncle rather the ancestral grandfather. Wouldn’t be surprise Flash being in Canterlot in Forgotten Friendship was requested by Magnus so he can bond with his descendant like Meadowbrook with Cattail. I can see how happy he would when he finds out Twilight has a crush on Flash and would try to get them together with Cadence help.

    For Rockhoof, it was a journey for him to find his place in the modern world since the others found theirs. While being the Keeper of Equestrian tales is good but I though there were at least two works he could do. Do to his strength he could work on Pinkie’s family rock farm by smashing rocks with ease and at a good pace with Limestone being impressed. Another job he could do is on Sweet Apple Acers with plowing through the field, digging holes to plant new trees, and lifting heavy things.

    For Mistmane, the thing that secretly bothers her is returning to her original self. We know she was once beautiful but gave it up to restore both her village and her friend Sable Spirit. Either she or someone else found a spell or made a potion that allowed her youth to be restored like a day. I can see her wearing Rarity’s latest fashion wears at shows and amazed the audience. However her restored beauty would cause two things that can put a strain on not only with Rarity but with her friends. Because she was so beautiful that it will cause many mares like Rarity jealous much like it did to Sable. Also the great lengths she would go to keep her youth which would be similar of addiction and how the Pillars had to help her overcome it.


    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Pillars of Equestria Part 2
    By Double C

    This is the continuing of the Pillars.

    For Somnambula, it would be interesting for her to encounter two characters from a thousand years ago Sphinx and Hisan. We don’t know what happen to the Sphinx after she defeated it. It would have been fun to see what Sphinx has been doing. We can assume that she and Hisan had a relationship that was starting to grow from friendship to love. Like many of the others who knew the Pillars, Hisan was sadden that she disappeared and unknown if he moved on or remained single. I can see Somnambula seeing one of his decedents or a reincarnation of himself since I doubt there is a Book of the Dead or any spell that can bring the dead back.

    For Mage Meadowbrook, it would face off against the Gen 4 incarnation of a villain from Gen 1 Catrina. For a refresh, Catrina was a villain who uses dark magic potions that gives her powers and enslaves others to make them. Both Meadowbrook and Catrina would represent the Yin and Yang of potion with one using it to help others while the other uses it for her own desire.

    For Starswirl the Bearded, it could have been fun for him meet another admire of his work Sunset Shimmer. If like Twilight, Sunset must have read all about him when she was a student and she would act like a fan girl if she meets him. But would be nerves because of the bad things she has done like she mentions in Mirror Magic and he would see only a bad pony. But he would forgive her and perhaps teach her new magic while she would teach him more about friendship especially what the human would is like.

    When it comes to shipping each one, there are only 3 who have potential and they are Magnus with Rainbow, Rockhoof with Applejack, and Stygian with Tempest. I’ve already talked a little about how RockJack could work out and they also have the most time together then the Mane 6 and Pillars do. DashMagnus is the only ship that could compete with SoarinDash for they both have confident and courageous personalities. If Magnus is related to Flash then Rainbow would hear many jokes that involves old. If Magnus is Flash’s ancestral great uncle then Rainbow would be somewhat his great aunt which many including Spike, Applejack, and Pinkie would call her old. While she may get used to it but what I think would be hard for her is seeing Twilight as somewhat her great niece-in-law. TempGian is good since both have been betrayed by their friends that lead them to become evil then Twilight helped bring them back to the light side. What can work is Tempest working as one of Twilight’s royal guards while Stygian would be a stay at home husband and dad while still writing books. Both would write a book together about their journey of getting their life back in order and help Twilight out when Spike is busy. While Rockhoof did developed a crush on Meadowbrook which I do like this ship but it doesn’t look like it continued.