• Gallery #3 of Awesome OpenPony Designs People Have Made!

    I don't know about you guys, but I've always loved looking at what people come up with when it comes to OC Design. Even back int he day when a large chunk of the fandom was against promoting original horses, I always had a folder filled with poni I thought looked good, or at least unique.

    We broke 600 people creating ponies since the OpenPony post originally went up, and while many are still using the basic default model, a lot have created absolutely insane designs. Some built from parts they've collected from other things entirely, while others have modeled their own bits and pieces to make their character really unique. That RAZOR pony up there for example actually shifts colors, as is the norm for modern PC accessories.

    If you still want to make one, you can find the info over here, and figure out where to go by checking out our location guide. If you missed the previous compilation of ponies and want more ideas on what you can do for yours, hit up the previous galleries here and here. Now go check out neat 3D horses below!