• 25 More Amazing OpenPony OC's People Have Created!

    If you missed the first gallery, you can find it over here! And if you want to join in and make your own OpenPony, you can find a full tutorial and explanation over at this post.

    The big thing about Second Life that people don't realize, is that a huge chunk of the people playing it are actually custom modeling a large chunk of their assets. If you can build it in Blender, you can upload it and put it on your pony. It's incredible how much customization is out there that is completely 100% unique. Want a badass armored core pony? You can do it. A 60's style hippie guitarist pony with levitating instrument? It has been done! Or just want a cute mule? People have created just about every form of quadrupedal creature at this point.

    There is a vast trove of base accessories, free outfits, and of course loads of stuff people make and sell, but doing it yourself is just a blender tutorial away! In this compilation we have a few of those super unique custom ponies, along with a mix of characters people have made simply by changing colors and textures on already existing items. If you don't want to build it from scratch, there is a good chance you can use simple in-game editing to make it how you want.

    I actually have already gathered around 30 more too that are still being edited, so expect another post in half a week or so.  For now, head on down below to check out another set of 25 ponies! 



    Belfry Doodle


    Ditzy Doo

    Dizzy Spell



    Fire Pony


    Harvest Bounty





    North Pole

    Princess Twiggy Doodle

    Scramble Belles

    Sera - Armored Core


    Sweet Cakes

    The Si

    Toil N' Trouble

    Wynter Skye

    Zidders Roofurry

    • If I took your picture recently I have a backlog of about 30 more ponies so expect it in the next post or the one after that! I want to keep these to 25 ponies each.
    • Non-OpenPony avatars will be in a separate gallery after I run out of these, so expect those oldschool EP ponies and stuff to get one too eventually.
    • If I took your picture over 2 weeks ago, I'll probably need to retake it. I'm learning a lot about the super complex world of Second Life photo taking so those old shots are absolutely awful in comparison.
    • Someone needs to make a kirin. Where are the kirin?