• Pony Plushie Compilation #569

    Tempest needs more plushie love. In fact, all ponies need more plushie love. We also need more lifesize crafters. I feel like they are becoming more and more rare!

    Get plush pone below.

    [1] Source
    Tempest Shadow by Jack1Larsen on Deviantart


    [2] Source
    Sunset Shimmer plush with leather jacket by meplushyou on Deviantart

    [3] Source
    by HellgaCraft on Twitter

    [4] Source
    by larsen_toys on Twitter

    [5] Source
    by HellgaCraft on Twitter

    [6] Source
    by NeroFledermaus on Twitter

    [7] Source
    Twilight Sparkle Plush by AZGchip on Deviantart

    [8] Source
    MLP Izzy Moonbow Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep on Deviantart

    [9] Source
    Palm-Sized Princess Luna Plush (~4 Inches) by LucasPratt on Deviantart