• My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale - Poll Up! What Did You Think Of It?

    The poll apparently didn't swap correctly, but that should be fixed now! Go vote on it over there. I figured an extra discussion post now that the dust has settled and people have had time to view them would be good though. We finally got Tell Your Tale this weekend. I've had many come to me saying that it was better than they expected it to be, one that loved it, and one that didn't like it but will probably watch it anyway since they are desperate for anything new with Izzy. I'm really curious to see where that poll goes!

    If you've watched it, what did you think now that you've had time to process it? Were the four episodes we got worth spending eyeball time on? We all know that's a premium these days with so much stuff to dig through on the internet! The other day I had to decide between collecting the talismans I missed in Elden Ring and watching a stupid found footage clown horror movie on Amazon and it really made me realize how much time I waste doing things that are below even entertainment. I'll never use those talismans and I know a dumb clown movie on Amazon is just going to be browsing reddit for an hour and a half while it plays in the background. Did Tell Your Tale reach above that level for you and actually provide a meaningful entertainment experience?

    I ramble. Discuss your thoughts on Tell Your Tale below!