• 17 of the Best Fanfics to Read For Kirin Day!

    The kirin is very well read. Please listen to the kirin as she discxusses her favorite literature.

    We've got Kirin fics! They arrived a little late for the floods of love earlier ponies got, but they still have a good amount. Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting these out. Go get them below, and if you want more, hit up the last kirin day for a completely different list!


    Slice of Life




    Say Something by The Red Parade


    Hollow Oak is a long way from home, in an unfamiliar land. Yet somehow, she finds a pony who's exactly like her.


    Fireproof by Raugos


    Kirins have a reputation for starting fires in Equestria.

    Sweet Inferno has a job putting out fires on Earth.


    Y'olk by Liquid Truth


    On one of Autumn Blaze's visits, Applejack decides to cook her friend a sunny side up.

    On one of her visits to Sweet Apple Acres, Autumn Blaze experiences tragedy.


    Symbiosis by mushroompone


    Autumn Blaze and Queen Chrysalis get paired up for a special friendship project.









    Fight The Silence by FamousLastWords


    Maud is the reigning champion of stand-up comedy in Equestria. But, with the discovery of the kirin village comes a new challenger to the forefront: Autumn Blaze.

    How will things play out? Not well.


    An Entire Encyclopedia on The Comprehensive History of Equestria, Featuring Autumn Blaze and Bulk Biceps by SparklingTwilight


    Loquaciously prolix Autumn Blaze hires terse Bulk Biceps as a parsimonious expert who can efficiently orient the isolated kirin on Equestria's history.


    “And then… APPLEJACK WILL BE ALL MINE!” by Rune Soldier Dan


    Autumn Blaze will do whatever it takes to win Applejack’s heart. Unfortunately, she’s not alone: Ponyville is filled with others determined to do the same, with no trick too low in the pursuit of victory.

    But when a new contender arrives to claim Applejack as her own, can Autumn and her rivals band together and save Equestria? Or is Autumn destined to lose Applejack to a mare who doesn’t love her half as much as she deserves?


    Autumn "Blaze It" by ROBCakeran53


    Autumn Blaze enters the Iron Pony gymnastics challenge to show everypony just what she's got.









    5 Stages of Assimilation by Mica


    Rose Lizhi is a young kirin attending the School of Friendship. She and her family are the first kirin to move to Ponyville.


    These Words are Not My Own by The 24th Pegasus


    How valuable is your voice?

    If you lost it, what would you do to get it back?

    What would you do to keep it if you did get it back?

    Is it worth the price?









    Where You Belong by Jhoira


    Rainbow Dash crashes and is tended to by a mysterious stranger. A mysterious stranger that is still watching over her but refuses to show themselves. That doesn't mean that Rainbow Dash is going to be content sitting and waiting for her wing to heal.


    BERR-E by Snow Quill


    Centuries in the future, Equestria is undergoing a monumental clean up task. The last Bot Engaged in Refuse Relocation Equestria Class (BERR-E) unit has been hard at work trying to make it hospitable again. But when an Autonomous Universe Traveler (AUT) comes to Equestria, BERR-E will go on a journey across the stars. Can she finally bring ponies home to Equestria? And just how equine can a robot get?

    Tempest Shadow, a household name for horror movies, has startled fans with the shocking announcement of her lead role in the new family friendly film ‘BERR-E’. Even more surprising is the director's choice to have her co-lead be a no name Kirin who’s been lurking in the background for years now. What will this mean for BERR-E’s release? Will this be the summer's biggest flop?









    The Boiler Pit by Solaris Vult


    Simply a quick slice in the life of the kirin Caesium Flare, as she goes about her life in the Boiler Pit, a large metal sphere built to keep the kirin safe from the unknown dangers outside.









    Come Hell or High Water by Shaslan and The Red Parade


    Autumn Blaze is thrilled when she receives a parcel from her best (and only) friend, Applejack. But when she sees the cutie marks of Applejack's parents emblazoned on the bottles within, a memory is triggered. A memory Autumn wishes that she could forget...


    The Keepers of the Tea by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    Autumn Blaze finds herself in a creative slump. In her quest for some fresh tea leaves, she ventures deep into the forests of the Peaks of Peril. But old tales speak of strange things happening in the shadows of the forest...


    One Lucky Holiday by Flash Notion


    Flash Sentry of the Equestrian Royal Guard has been called many things. Not among those are: intelligent; handsome; destined for better things; good with the ladies. But this year, he thinks that he's found just the right Hearthswarming gift to change all of that. Unfortunately, he's short on time.

    More unfortunately, his gift may not be so perfect after all. There are others out there willing to do horrid things to take it for themselves. And Flash's new “allies” may not be trustworthy. It's starting to seem like failing as a gift-giver might be the best fate Flash can hope for.


    Trail We Blaze by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    Now that the Vow of Silence is over, Rain Shine tasks Autumn Blaze with an important mission: reconnecting with a remote tribe of ponies and help resume trade between their villages.