• 8 Of the Best Kirin Fanfics to Read for Kirin Day!

    There aren't a ton of Kirin fanfics yet, but the giant lists of 40+ for some of the older ponies are kinda overwhelming anyway aren't they? It also turns out a lot of people in the modern fandom prefer writing the uhh, not quite safe for EQD fanfics, and Kirin are just another part of that circle.

    So, get eight today! Thanks to fanfic scout Whisper Key for digging them up.

    Slice of Life

    "I was stuck in silent prison with the voices in my head." When she thinks back to the song Autumn Blaze sang the first time they met, Applejack can't help but wonder if there's something the friendly Kirin isn't telling her.

    Diamond Tiara is excited to have a starring role in Autumn Blaze's new opera. She knows the Opera House isn't haunted, but if it were, she'd be ready to give any Opera Spirit a stern talking-to.

    When Rarity had been young, she had drunk her tea with at most a pinch of sugar. Things changed.

    Pinkie Pie is tasked with bringing Autumn Blaze to Ponyville for the big holiday, but that doesn't go to plan and they spend the big holiday in a cold dark cabin.

    When Sweetie Belle is responsible for watching Carousel Boutique, a kirin comes in for a haircut. The customer is always right.

    The Rainbow Bridge.
    Everypony knew of the figure of speech, many young fillies and colts learning of it at a very young age when their pets passed away. It was a tale as old as time, and passed down through the generations.
    But what if it was not just a figure after all?
    When Perilous Peaks' most beloved villager passes away, young Strato must take his turn to help his closest and dearest friend pass on.
    A Kirin remembers the Joy, Happiness, and Love that the Stream of Silence has robbed from them. They cannot even bring themselves to touch or hug the one they hold dearest in their heart. How has this cooling of their emotions truly affected them?


    Every year, Princess Twilight puts on a Hearth's Warming Party at her castle. Good times are had by all, and this year it pays host to one very special guest in a certain talkative Kirin. Applejack's idea, for the record. Laughs are sure to result, right?
    Well, maybe that and possibly a few other things. Applejack would have been a foolish mare not to have noticed that Autumn once sang about being trapped in a silent prison with only the voices in her head for company. And if Starlight has anything to say about it, Autumn won't have to suffer alone...