• Galacon Is Holding a Fundraiser

    As many of you know conventions have been on hold for most of 2020 and 2021. Luckily the con scene is recovering but a lot of cons are in need of some extra funds. Among them is Galacon, now holding a fundraiser to be able to bring many more editions of the con in the future.

    Find their press release below the break!

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    We’ve already told you that we are still positive about GalaCon and are doing our best to make the event finally happen this year. As the pandemic seems to get more and more under control and taking into account the two last Summer months, we think that chances are quite good to finally be able to return to Ludwigsburg!

    On the other hand, the last more than two years without events did not leave our association unaffected. Besides the extreme efforts and stresses our staff had to work through, the pandemic has put us in a financial situation which does not look great for GalaCon. As we see ourselves as part of the community, we think that it is the right thing to do to speak openly about what currently worries us and to keep you all up to date about our plans.

    GalaCon 2022 currently is not at risk, but the overall financial situation is not great. Venue rent surprisingly increased by ~ 30 %, Guests are (understandably) hesitant about flight bookings and safety measures cost a lot of money. This might lead to using up all reserves which might make it too risky for us to continue organizing GalaCon in the future.

    The good news are, that:
    • No, we do not plan to cancel GalaCon. Even considering the given financial situation, we currently find carrying out GalaCon 2022 feasible.
    • Yes, your tickets and your money are safe. If in the worst case we would have to cancel GalaCon, we would currently be able to refund all purchased tickets.
    But the following circumstances still cause a lot of problems in the future and might even put the future of GalaCon at risk.

    GalaCon is the longest continuing MLP convention in Europe and has become a permanent institution for the whole fandom. To assure that we can carry on with GalaCon in the future, we kindly ask for your support to ease the impact of COVID-19 and the two years in limbo.

    We know that we ask for a lot here as many of you have shown great support before, be it by keeping their tickets over more than two years or by supporting online events. But we have seen many times what this community can achieve and we would be very grateful if you could again manage to help GalaCon through these difficult times.

    You can support us by
    Our main goal is to ease the situation by (partly) compensating increasing costs so that we can carry out GalaCon 2022 as planned and after that start planning for next year right away. But depending on the overall outcome, we could even carry out some plans which we’ve yet postponed due to the looming COVID-19 situation and make GalaCon 2022 even better!

    Any help is highly appreciated! As usual, all donations are used to directly fund GalaCon. No salary or profit is paid to any of the staff members or association representatives.