• EponaFest Announces Special Guests For Italian Convention

    Eponafest starts on the 21st of May, and the team has sent over a press release going over some of their special guests as well as general convention information for anyone that happens to be in Italy at the time! As always, go get it all below, along with ticket information.

    Press Release:


    EponaFest will be in less than two months, and we have a special communication for you all! Expecting to get this far is something incredible!

    This is a huge milestone for us: we are very proud to announce all our guests for the convention: we’ll have the famous YouTubers Dustykatt and Fiaura, G5 style artist Imalou and the talented musicians Tw3lv3, PrinceWhateverer, Blackened Blue and Crusader!

    We are working really hard in these pandemic times where rules change all the time and coordinating all the event is a huge undertaking. We thank all our supporters in the Indiegogo campaign and all our future attendees that have already purchased a ticket for making this dream come true. Ticket sales are still live by the way, you can get them here: https://eponafest.it/tickets/

    In the coming days (once finalized) we’ll publish all the other stuff related to the convention like the schedule, everything will be announced through our social medias and on the website: https://eponafest.it/

    EponaFest, the first international MLP convention in Italy will be on the 21st and 22nd of May in the beautiful city of Milan!

    A huge thanks to our venue Starshotel Business Palace for giving us the opportunity to host EponaFest, and to Pony Events Federation and the Ponycon Holland staff for supporting us since the very beginning of the EponaFest journey!"

    Best Regards
    Eponafest Staff