• State of the Industry Q&A Released By Toybook - Big Entertainment Year for Pony in Particular

    Artist: Lureunites

    A site called Toybook has done a short Q&A with Hasbro president Eric Nyman, talking about their plans for 2022 with their various brands. My Little Pony in particular came up and was dedicated an entire answer. Aside from the stuff that we have already heard about it, he also talked about the May 26th short "Make Your Mark" with a slightly new description:

    Then on May 26, our special Make Your Mark drops on Netflix, picking up from the movie where the Mane 5 are learning to live with each other and their new powers.

    Sunny has alicorn powers, Pipp and Zipp can fly, and Izzy has unicorn magic. I wonder what Hitch will do? Maybe this will be one of those jokey bits about earth ponies? Or maybe earth ponies get some real magic in G5? It will be interesting to see where they take this!

    He also goes on to mention a podcast, music, and apps planned. I wonder what that podcast and those apps will be? We already know we are getting a console game. 2022 is looking pretty full of pony!

    Thanks to Sounndshark for the heads up!