• New G5 My Little Pony Video Game Listed Up in Australia! - MY LITTLE PONY: A MARETIME BAY ADVENTURE

    Artist: @ocado7

    A brand new classification was created today over on the Australian department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communication in their computer game section with the title of MY LITTLE PONY: A MARETIME BAY ADVENTURE. The most interesting part is it's "Multi Platform" detail buried within, meaning it could very well escape the world of phones where pony has been stuck for the last decade.

    The game is set to be produced by Melbot Studios and published by Outright Games LLC, creators of a whole host of console and PC games from Peppa Pig to Fast and Furious. Of course, these are all completely kid focused, so we probably shouldn't expect the next Skyrim: Pony Edition, but at least we will get something that hopefully isn't just a micro-transaction factory like G4!

    We will keep you posted on anything else that pops up. Maybe Hasbro will release some information during their live-stream this year around Toy Fair?

    Thanks to Cleo for the heads up.