• Renegade Games Showing Off New My Little Pony Deckbuilding and Tabletop Game March 5th

    Back in 2020, we posted about the company Renegade Game Studios and their announcement of upcoming pony games, among other Hasbro franchises. We haven't seen anything at all since then, but there is a light at the tunnel according to a new upcoming online convention they are running to show off some of their in-production projects. On March 5th we will finally get to see their new tabletop and deck-build games. Have quotes for both:

    Reveals: My Little Pony Tabletop Games - Join us for a first look at all things My Little Pony coming from Renegade in 2022! Deck-Building and Roleplaying fans will not want to miss this My Little Pony reveal. Join Trivia, Jimmy, and Chris as they pull back the curtain on Renegade's plans for 2022! (11:30 AM PST)

    Live Play: My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria Deck Building Game - You Heard all about it, now see the My Little Pony Adventures in Equestria Deck-Building Game in Action! Join lead designer Chris and friends as they take the game for a spin! (12:30 PM PST)

    Here's hoping they turn out good! We will get a reminder up once the actual reveal happens, or if anything else happens in general.