• Renegade Game Studios Bringing New Roleplaying and Deckbuilding Games to My Little Pony

    Ponies and D&D has been something both we and the show have celebrated for years. The Tails of Equestria books have kept us entertained for a while on that front, but it's looking like the concept might be expanded by Renegade Studios if their recent press release is any indiction. 

    After their success with Power Rangers, they have started work on games for both My Little Pony, GI Joe, and Transformers. They don't have specifics on exactly what products each of these brands will get, but there is a good chance we will get the full host of tabletop games, from a manual for D&D style adventures, to the deckbuilding games they mention near the start. 
    Expect more info in the coming months! 
    Thanks to Angelo and Edmund for the heads up