• More Details on My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale Released - 70 Episodes!

    Those bean mouths are going to absolutely bombard us in April. According to Kid Screen, we will be getting a whopping 70 episodes in all, though each only clocks in at 5 minutes each. Consider it more akin to those shorts they posted over the years of G5, from Good Morning Pinkie Pie to the claymation videos. It's the very early Pony Life of G5.

    We've also found out that it was produced by a company called Lil Critter Workshop in Malaysia, with someone named Gretchen Mallorie working as the head writer and story editor, and David Flack as creative producer. The toy lines tie directly into this series.

    Here's hoping it's a good bridge over to the fully fledged 3D series with the style we've come to love in September!

    Thanks to Wamago for the heads up!