• Another Shot of the New G5 "Tell Your Tale" Youtube Series Released

    More slightly minor news has arrived for the new G5 "Tell your Tale" youtube series. We've got a banner uploaded to one of the writers websites, along with their own description of it:

    "Debuting hot on the hooves of the immensely successful My Little Pony: A New Generation film on Netflix (which debuted as the #1 Kids Title in 86 countries) My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale will launch April 7 with a new five-minute episode released each week.

    The series introduces My Little Pony‘s beloved next-generation characters in a sprightly 2D animation style and features upbeat, comedic stories that kids of all ages can enjoy. The slice-of-life series will showcase new sides of the Mane 5 and expand their universe in exciting new directions. My Little Pony aims to inspire everyone to explore, express and celebrate what makes them unique. Just as Everypony has its special sparkle and “cutie mark,” every child has the opportunity to make their mark and celebrate their true colors."

    Thanks to Pipp_Petal for the heads up.